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Nov 17, 2016
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Nov 24, 2016
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List of prior Q&As.
EJC Emergency Preparedness Committee
Click here to learn more about our EJC Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Club Information

Welcome to our Club!

East Jefferson County

Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Tri-Area Community Center
10 West Valley Road
Mailing Address: PO Box 654
Port Hadlock, WA  98339
United States
District Site
Venue Map
Be our guest at 12 noon for a delicious lunch (on us)
Be our guest at 12 noon (each Thursday) to meet Rotarians in your area, have a delicious lunch (on us) and stay for a half hour presentation until 1pm.
About The Rotary Club
Presidential Theme 2016-17  
If you know a business (or employee) that practices one or more elements of THE FOUR-WAY TEST, please read this document to recommend that they be added to this THE FOUR-WAY TEST Honor Roll below. Those businesses or employees that practice all 4 elements will appear at the top of the list below. Those with 3 or less will appear below that list.​ The link (when available) will take you to their Story. 
  1. Business/employee​ #1
  2. Business/employee​ #2
  3. etc.
Home Page Stories

On November 10th the East Jefferson County Rotary Club is holding a Retail Day. Retail Manager Terry Umbreit is requesting all members wear a item (in addition to your Rotary pin)  with a Rotary insignia. He will have items to sell such as sweatshirts, shirts, caps and sweaters, and also take orders that day. This event is being held to show members the types of items that Rotary has to promote the club and to present the appropriate image to the public. Please remember that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. If you can’t attend feel free to contact me at umby@wsu.edu or call my cell phone at 509-592-3531.



The Board approved a phased 1-3 year plan to add “County” to our Club’s name (where it is missing) and “c” (to “ej” so it reads www.ejcrotary.club) to our Club’s domain name to promote a consistent use of the acronym “EJC” or EJCRC”.

New guest pens and new stationary have been ordered and will reflect this change.  
Over the next few years, all references to (www.)ejrotary.club will be changed to (www.)ejcrotary.club.
NOTE: Old guest pens and stationary and any posts, articles, etc. containing the link www.ejrotary.club no longer works.  Use "www.ejcrotary.club" or "ejrotary.club".

Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding honored for veteran support

Bob and Pen Rosen receive a $500.00 donation from the Interact Club of East Jefferson County at Chimacum High School so they can purchase a computer and printer for the Baan Nong E-Kwang School in Thailand. The equipment will be used to teach the teachers and students how to connect to the world-wide web and add to their knowledge of the world.  (TJ Plastow, Rotary Sponsor to the CHS Interact Club and John Erickson, President of the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.)Bob Pen Rosen.jpg


The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County was honored to receive the Rotary International Presidential Citation (Gold Award) for 2015-2016 (one of six out of 90 Clubs in our District) as well as the Rotary International Presidential Citation 2015-2016 awarded to the Chimacum High School Interact Club, which is sponsored by the EJC Rotary Club. The awards recognize club excellence. All Rotarians and Interact Club Members should be very proud of their role in earning these prestigious awards!


2015-16 EJC Presidential Citation Gold.jpg

2015-16 EJC Presidential Citation Interact.jpg



On 5/11/2016, I sent the following email to all of the Rotarians in our Club.

Each year in April, the CHS Interact students have a car wash to raise $1000 to purchase a ShelterBox. So far this year they have raised $867 towards their sixth ShelterBox. We will pass a donation box one more time at our next Rotary luncheon and ask your help in raising the remaining $133.   


When I asked the ShelterBox company for some information about the CHS Interact Club ShelterBox  purchases, they sent me the following email.

      The Interact Club at Chimacum High School rocks!  They have actually sponsored FIVE ShelterBoxes since 2010 (their very first donation was actually for two boxes.)

  1. Box 14341 Deployed to Haiti in December, 2010
  2. Box 15342 Deployed to Columbia in January, 2011
  3. Box 19517 Deployed to the Philippines in January, 2012
  4. Box 22103 Deployed to the Sudan in September, 2013
  5. Box 24390 Not Yet Deployed

Awesome work!  Congratulations to all.

The Rotarians who were present at our 5/19 luncheon exceeded our expectations and donated over $200 including an anonymous donation of $75. THANK YOU very much.


The Interact students just bought their 6th ShelterBox and now have money towards their 7th for next year.

Congratulations, CHS Interact students!

Click here to view the PDN article about the award winners including our own Olivia Ejde.


  • Sale starts March 3!

  • Roses are $20/dozen and are available in red, pink, yellow and white.  Our cost is $9/dozen=$11 profit per dozen (before expenses such as printing receipts, etc.).

  • Our goal is to sell 425 dozen.

  • We need to give QFC the color selection by Thursday, March 31.  After that, there is no guarantee that the color you chose is what you'll get.  Last day to sell roses and turn in money is Thursday, April 14

  • Delivery day is April 21.

  • An article will appear soon in the  Leader and the PDN about the Rose Sales

  • Everyone is getting a receipt book.  More receipt books are available when you need them.  You are also being given your list of rose sales from last year. These people are the best place to start with your sales this year!  

  • Karen will be at back table every week starting next week to collect your receipts and money. 

  • Two expectations of members:

    • You will deliver your own roses. "Heavy Hitter" sellers will be able to get help with delivery.

    • You are expected to sell at least 10 dozen or pay the equivalent profit from each dozen to the club = $11 x 10 = $110.

  • We will again be asking for help in delivering roses for our Heavy Hitter Rose Sellers and those unable to get around.  So we will pass around a sign-up sheet in a couple of weeks for Delivery Helpers

  • Call Karen with any questions:  360-865-0466.


When an event happens where we lose electricity and phone service, access to the Amateur Radio (HAM) radio network to give and get important information can be a life saver. HAM radios are cheap ($40) and getting a HAM license is inexpensive (under $50) and relatively easy to get.

Click http://bit.ly/jc-ham-class to view the latest information on and sign up for the next Ham class.


Pete Hubbard KG7EKM Chair, EJC Emergency Preparedness committee



Henry Charles Rogers, Jr.

December 31, 1919 - December 19, 2015



The Expert has left the building.  Born in Detroit, MI, to Laura Amelia (Hogue) Rogers and Henry Charles Rogers, Sr, on Dec. 31, 1919. Died December 19, 2015 in Port Hadlock, WA.   Henry’s almost century of life and uncanny ability to always be where the action was, made him a witness to history throughout his life.


Henry was raised in Dearborn, MI. in one of the first houses built by his contractor father for the burgeoning Ford Motor industry. His mother became widowed when Henry was 5 yrs. old and his mother scrambled to find employment and maintain the home.  Henry’s fascinating stories, and he had many, included those from Prohibition when Henry used to be paid a nickel for buying cigarettes for the prostitutes down at the local Speakeasy - until his mother caught him!  The little bird drawing that Henry often used in signing his name was originally a symbol hobos would draw in front of his house to let other hobos know that a good person lived there - someone with food and small job to do.  


Henry graduated from Fordson High School, Dearborn, MI in 1938 as Class President and Eagle Scout, and entered Wayne State University as a Drama Major.  His love of that era’s Big Band music led him to create the Henry Rogers Orchestra until the World War II draft depleted members to the military.  When Henry’s own draft notice arrived, he recalled his days as a Sea Scout to direct his own involvement. He heard about officer’s training to serve on the new Liberty Ships and was accepted into the newly formed United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY. His cadet training was largely “on-the-job”, as the war required numerous deployments on merchant ships. He graduated in 1943 and served with distinction until 1946, leaving the Merchant Marines with a rank of  LT. Commander, USMM.  It was his Academy training and command of ships that taught Henry the leadership skills he would use the rest of his life.  His patriotic service meant so much to him, and he loved the honor he received at the American Legion Post #26 in Pt. Townsend, of which he was a member.  



SANTA CLAUS IS COMING to the Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair DECEMBER 12TH & 13TH, 2015, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

by Linda Kostenbader

Have your photo (family, friends & pets, too) taken with Santa for only $7.00 by the Chimacum High School's Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.  Your high quality photo will be available in minutes and comes with a complimentary card frame and envelope.   All your contributions will be sent to international projects: a rural school in Thailand for computers and to provide assistance in maintaining a water-purification system; the Heifer Project, which helps families in poor countries to improve their nutrition and generate income; and the Shelter Box Project, which provides shelter and supplies to sustain families in disaster areas around the world.

Thank you for your support.

(Src  GD)



Erin Lundgren, at left, accepts the $10,000 prize in East Jefferson Rotary’s Pot o’ Gold raffle from TJ Plastow, center, who sold the winning ticket. On hand to congratulate all was Rose Bowman, the District Governor for Rotary clubs in Northwest Washington and Southern British Columbia.Displaying Rotary raffle 1216.jpg 


The project is fueled by a $530,000 grant consisting of equal funding from the TRF (The Rotary Foundation) grant and a one for one match by World Vision.  The scope of the project includes drilling deepwater wells in 23 communities in Eastern Honduras, providing health and sanitation trainings for the populations, VIP latrine installation – one in each community near schools or community centers – electrified pumps for the wells and water distribution for the inhabitants.  Approximately 11,700 people will be helped with this project and the populations of the communities are growing so the beneficiaries should increase with time.

Chimacum high school Interact club pumpkin painting on October 13, 2015, we have participated in a fun pumpkin painting with the students (L-R) Kristopher Andrews, Sean Noble, Chanakan Meesanam, Deidra Morris, Jordyn Johnson, Emily Amos, Cora Wills, and David Kraut. All of the students enjoyed talking with the residents while painting with them as well. The Interact club loves to socialize in the community and have fun at the same time.

(Src | GD)




Each year one of the prime fund raising events for the club is the Pot o’ Gold Raffle. Typically the top prize is $10,000 with several other prizes sometimes available. This year, 2015, there are a total of 13 prizes. Each of our club members has an obligation to sell, or sometimes buy, at least 5 of the tickets priced at $100 each. The drawing will be held at the regular weekly lunch meeting of the club on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at about 12:45 PM. This year’s prizes are:



Author: Larry Howland Sept. 2015

In the fall of 2002, Jefferson County Park & Recreation Department, through its community planning process had developed a plan for a Pavilion to be located at HJ Carroll Park.  The plan at that time envisioned a core structure and two supporting units. Garry Rowe, an EJR member, and co-director of the County Administration Dept. presented the plan to the club and asked for support.

Click here to read the entire story.

Catalina "Cata" Lima - our exchange student from Penaflor, Chile - has arrived.  Welcome, Cata! 
(Amy and TJ Plastow and Cata)
Cata with our Club (8/20/2015)

A week ago, I outlined my goals as Club President, presenting them to the Club during the Assembly as a Rotary Call to Action. The active participation and contribution of each of us, not only as individuals, but, very importantly, as members of our club’s committees, are what will enable us, as a club, to make strong progress towards those goals.
At the two most recent Club meetings, we’ve reviewed our Club’s committee structure. While there may remain a few additions to the list below, I think I’ve managed to capture all of the committees (and major activities) which make up that part of our Club. Committees are really the heart of the Club, and should be the core of planning and accomplishment within the Club.
Have you had "that" conversation with your grown children?  You know, the one where you talk about the reality of your dying?  The one where you want them to understand what you want done  or don't want done when you are at the end of your life?  The one where you ask them to support your end of life wishes, even when they are not ready to let you go?
This well written New Yorker article  http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/07/20/the-really-big-one about the potential for a disastrous 9.0 mega-thrust earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone (that is only 50 miles off our west coast) will scare you.  Most of us will not survive it. 
But we can survive smaller disasters, if we plan for them. Check out http://www.miep.us/cascadia then http://www.miep.us/myn then http://www.miep.us/hamfrs 


Displaying IMG_4484.JPGWelcome to the Officer Installation Meeting of the EJRC.
Identify guest Bill James – best AG in the business 
Introduce Ray Serebrin
Thanks for a great year

Membership – Up 6 new members – 8 if you count last year’s Officer Installation Meeting when Pete Hubbard and Brian Becker were inducted. Their participation included:

    TJ Plastow – Interact, Flags, Host family

    Hillary Smith – Flags, raffle

    Whitney Meissner – Flags, finance committee

    Julie Hatch - sold winning raffle ticket

    Brian – drink coaster design

    Joe Nole – sold roses aggressivley

    Pete Hubbard – Secretary

    John Clark – Transfer          

Financially – solid year, built reserves for bigger projects and increased budget for scholarships 

Visibility – local and district – flags, scholarships, even coasters 

Use of technology – website richer by a large margin, using tech for lunch meetings and board meetings.        

Built a solid Foundation for the future

Danish foreign exchange student Joachim Lundo and Club President Ned Luce enjoyed the District 5020 Conference in Nanaimo BC this past weekend. — with Joachim Vandborg Lundø and Ned Luce.  The Rotary Club Of East Jefferson County WA Facebook page

Displaying DSC00675.JPG
Ned Luce and Whitney Meissner presenting Rian Plastow with a Student of the Month Award for May 2015

(Joachim has been our 2014-2015 Exchange Student from Horsens, Denmark.)  
My name is Joachim Vandborg Lundø and I am 15 years old. I live in Horsens close to the inlet. Here I live with my parents. My mothers name is Pia, she is 49 years old and she work in a bank. My fathers name is Arne, and he is 50 years old and he’s work is, that he buy, sale and rent out apartments in Horsens and Vejle. I have also an older sister, named Camilla, and she is 19 years old. She work in a clothing store for children between 8 and 16.
Ray Serebrin was born in Winnipeg Manitoba and emigrated to the US at an early age.  He has lived in the Puget Sound area since then, moving to a small farm in  Kitsap County with his wife and daughter in 1982. 
Four wells are completed, along with health and sanitation training for those communities leaving 19 to go.  Hopefully they will proceed at a regular pace. 
The Interact Board: two for 2014-15 and six for 2015-16.




From left to right (1-8):

  1. Nicola Pieper (Historian, 2015-16)

  2. Feam Meesanam (Membership/ASB Rep, 2015-16)

  3. Amy Plastow (Treasurer, 2015-16)

  4. Melanie Pieper (Secretary, 2015-16)  

  5. Anda Yoshina (Vice-President, 2015-16)

  6. Rian Plastow (President, 2014-15)

  7. Taylor VanNess (Secretary, 2014-15)

  8. Olivia Ejde (President, 2015-16)

Rian and Taylor are graduating Seniors. Congratulations! We wish you the best.

Chuck Boggs, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee announced the following scholarship recipients today at our luncheon. Sage Brennan $3000 including $1000 for the Cloudy Beyer Endowment; Audrey Mason $1000; Triston Williams $1000; Ceare Williams $1000; John William Carthum &1500; Alyssa Hamilton $1000; Chris Belmont $2000; Levi Clum $1500; Rian Plastow $1500; Makenzie Richey $1000; Colton Shaw $2750; Orion Weller $2750; Taylor Van Ness $1000.
All except Ceare Williams, Audrey Mason and Triston Williams are from the Chimacum Hgh School, Taylor Van Ness is home schooled thru Chimacum.
Congratulations to you all!


Last year (2015), twenty-three (23) members of the three Rotary clubs (website) (East Jefferson County, Port Townsend (Noon) and Port Townsend Sunrise Club) joined together with ShelterBox and the Marrowstone Island Emergency Preparedness Team (website) to support the 3rd Annual All County Picnic (link) in “CELEBRATING EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND COMMUNITY RESILIENCE”.


The theme is "Resilience".


"Emergency Management is committed to support self-sufficient neighborhoods that are prepared for the challenges of a major emergency, to continue active partnership in the development of a culture of community resilience, and aid in creation of local emergency plans and procedures that will help neighborhoods cope."



Come join us again on August 21, 2016.  


The Heart of Service honors the “dedication, sacrifice and accomplishments” of community leaders and volunteers “who have made a difference in Jefferson County, who have made our communities a better place by doing extraordinary things for their neighbors, their community or the environment.” 
Click here to view the 2015 award described in the PDN.


America's PrepareAthon! is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and communities to prepare for specific hazards through drills, group discussions, and exercises.  Click here to read more.


"Today is America’s National Day of Action, which reminds us all to take a moment to make sure we are prepared in times of emergency."
On May 7th, I will highlight elements of the technology we are using for our club like our club website, ClubRunner, Google Docs, eBulletins, Facebook and Flickr.

Increasing our knowledge and experience in the use of these digital tools will help each of us to connect, collaborate and communicate with each other, our community and future Rotarians more efficiently and more effectively.


Click this link to review the demo and what you should do to prepare for it.

The Jefferson County Robotics team has qualified for a national competition in St. Louis. Click here to read the PT Leader article.
(Emelia will write a story soon. In the meantime, click here to view the two and half page article about her in the PTLeader.)


The Interact Club of Chimacum High School invites you to a school-wide 


assembly on the Shelter Box Project, April 22nd.

UPDATE: Flickr album:  2015-4-22 Interact & ShelterBox at CHS

NOTE: the program starts at 9:30...ALL VISITORS MUST SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE before they go to the auditorium.

Scott Robinson & Tom Schaafsma from Sequim Sunrise Rotary will be showing a video about the Shelter Box Project and talking about their experiences with the Shelter Box Project in disaster areas. The Interactors will be setting up a Shelter Box tent on stage and displaying the items included in the Box. This "kicks off" the Interact Club's fund raising campaign.
Interact will be having a "Shelter Box" Car Wash on Sunday, April 26th at the Olympic Equipment Rental, 972 Ness Corner Rd in Port Hadlock, from 10a.m. to 3 p.m. to collect additional donations to purchase a Shelter Box. There will be a Shelter Box 'kit" on display.  They will be looking for you and your car.​


Chimacum, March 5th, 2015. East Jefferson County (EJC) Rotary President Ned Luce announced today the winners of the Club’s $10,000 “Pot of Gold” raffle. 

The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County honored Chimacum High School (CHS) students Sarah Allen and Orion Weller as Students of the Month: at the Club’s weekly meeting Thursday, 

Chimacum Schools Superintendent and Rotary member, Rich Stewart introduced the students to the Rotarians. 

Please click on this link (login will be required) to to learn how to add or update your photo and any personal information for the next version of Bud's Directory. 

I just created our first eBulletin. I'll add this "Story" to the top of it. Please click "Read more" to read my request for your help in sending me content (Stories). 
Click here to view a Google Slideshow (PPT) presentation by Pete Leenhouts and Pete Hubbard of their review of the District Leadership Training Assembly
March 28th, 2015 – Centralia WA. 

Click here to view "The TOP 10 Rotary myths revealed".

First place ($10,000) Pot of Gold winner.


We enjoyed an excellent update on Habitat for Humanity activities in our communities from Executive Director Jamie Maciejewski and new home owner Keidren Devas during today's meeting. Check out the video made of Habitat's work in Quilcine!



Click here to view some photos by Pete Leenhouts 


At the regular monthly Board meeting on February 25, 2015, the Board of your club took two significant actions.


Pete Hubbard gave a presentation today about Nextdoor (ND) and the ND City Agency Partnership program. See "Home Page Download Files" in the right sidebar, or click here to download the PPT.


The following officers were unanimously elected to the East Jefferson Rotary Club.

  • Terry Umbreit, President Elect Nominee (2017-2018)
  • Meredith Wagner, Director at Large (2015-2018)
  • Julia Price, Director at Large (2015-2018)



A group of 12 Rotarians and spouses (or single Rotarians) for a 18 day Rotary Friendship

Exchange with District 9685 Australia.


This RFE will see the District 9685 RFE Team visit District 5020 from June 1 to 18, 2015.  Our outbound team will be in District 9685 November 2 to 20, 2015.

Flickr Photos
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This weeks Rotary Story is from our fellow Rotarian Pete Leenhouts.
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(Src)  (GD)
Club Goals 2015-2016

A Call to Action

Click here to review slide #14 of President Pete Leenhouts' PowerPoint presentation of 7/30/2015 where he asks each committee (list) to briefly describe what Objectives and Actions they will take to meet Goals in our Club's Plan and the RI Presidential Citation.
Club Executives & Directors
Treasurer Co-chair
Past President
President Elect Nominee
The Rotary Foundation
Youth Exchange Oficer
Youth Protection Officer
A Century of Doing Good in the World
"This Close" to Ending Polio

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