Congratulations on deciding to submit your membership application to join our Rotary club. Please review the items in steps 1-7 before you submit your membership application in step 8.


  1. Click here to learn about Rotary’s GUIDING PRINCIPLES.

  2. Click here to meet some of our current Board members.

  3. Click here to explore our web spaces.

  4. Click here to read our Membership Handbook, particularly the section entitled “Responsibilities of Membership”.

  5. Click here to review our list of committees and list three in your Membership Application that you might be interested in joining.

  6. Click here to review our list of Classifications and list yours in your Membership Application.

  7. Click here to learn about the Blue Badge requirements which may or may not be activated.

  8. Submit your Membership Application form

    1. If you use GMAIL, please click on this link (which will be an email that will look like the text under the Membership Application form below) and simply type in the information requested and click send.

    2. If you do not use GMAIL, simply COPY the “Membership Application form” text below and PASTE it into an email, type in the information requested, use the email addresses and Subject line text, and send.     

  9. The Club Board meets every 4th Thursday. If the Board has had time to review your application and approved it, you will be notified of the Board’s decision.



Membership Application form



Subject: Rotary Club of East Jefferson County, WA - Prospective Member Application Form









ADDRESS (City, State ZIP)


-Mailing (If different):


PHONE (Please include the area code for each phone number):





Classification (your primary area of interest like Finance, Education, Emergency Preparedness, etc.):


Birth date (mm/dd/yy):









Spouse/Partner Name:


Sponsor: Proposed or membership by:


COMMITTEES (Please list 3 committees you might be interested in joining.)

-First choice:

-Second choice:

-Third choice:



-Club name:

-Name of Club Secretary:

-email for Club Secretary:

-Phone for Club Secretary (Please include the area code for each phone number):

-When did you join that club (mm/dd/yy):

-When did you join Rotary (mm/dd/yy):

-Did your previous Club have a Red Badge program (Yes or No):

-Note: Our initiation fee is waived


Optional links

Your personal blog or website:





HAM call sign: