Apr 16, 2020
Online Meeting - Tony Johnson
Online Meeting - Sailing Around The World

The Club will hold its regular meeting at noon on Thursday, April 16th, 2020. A speaker has not yet been scheduled. The meeting will be held via Ring video. For the link to join online, please email >info@ejcrotary.club<.  

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Info on our scheduled speaker, Tony Johnson.

Now that it’s been done by teenagers and grandmothers, you’d think that sailing around the world in a small boat is no longer a big deal. But the fact is it remains a rare achievement, and the best guess is that since Joshua Slocum completed his  legendary trip in 1898, no more than 2500 Americans have managed it.

In 2003, Tony Johnson and crew Terry Shrode completed their circumnavigation on the sloop Maverick. During their two-and-a-half-year voyage aboard the sloop Maverick, these two survived a number of harrowing engagements with the forces of nature. In Tahiti, a midnight gale caused Maverick to fetch up on a dangerous coral reef. In Indonesia, faulty navigational charts, heavy winds and high seas led the crew to run the boat aground. And thirty miles from a safe landfall after a twenty-one day Atlantic crossing, water in the bilge triggered the discovery that the hull had begun to tear itself apart. Only a heroic effort by the skipper and first mate kept them from sinking within sight of land.