Have you had "that" conversation with your grown children?  You know, the one where you talk about the reality of your dying?  The one where you want them to understand what you want done  or don't want done when you are at the end of your life?  The one where you ask them to support your end of life wishes, even when they are not ready to let you go?

If you saw yourself in this description, we have an important program for you to attend  Port Ludlow at the Bay Club, 120 Spinnaker Place, on Wednesday, August 5, 2015 from 1:00 to 4:00, registration starting at 12:30.  Karen Griffith, East Jefferson Rotarian, and her sister, Judy McCay are leading the seminar.

In the first half of the program you will learn about all your end-of-life options and have a chance to ask and get your questions answered. You will learn about how to communicate your end-of-life wishes to your loved ones.  You will be given tools to talk to your physicians about your end-of-life care.  All too often these discussions and decisions don't get addressed until the very end, if at all, preventing you from having the kind of care that will maximize your quality of life in your final days.  This subject is not easy to talk about but by attending this seminar, you will know how to navigate through these crucial conversations.

The second half of the program will guide you step-by-step through an Advance Directive. This document is the result of a number of years of research and development by legal and medical experts.  It has been widely praised by health care professionals, advance planning advocates and attorneys who specialize in elder and estate planning. It combines the Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare as well as a Living Will into one document.  You will be able to leave the seminar with an essentially completed document as well as have a chance to ask and have your questions answered about the choices offered in this important document.

The Advance Planning Seminar is co-sponsored by the Community Enrichment Alliance of Port Ludlow, Compassion and Choices of Washington, and the Hospice Foundation for Jefferson Healthcare.   Materials will be furnished to every participant who signs up in advance by contacting Judy McCay at 437-2156, jmmccay@cablespeed.com or Karen Griffith at 360-865-0466, kgriffith45@gmail.com.   Sign-up sheets are also available at both the Bay Club and the Beach Club in Port Ludlow.  Space is limited.   Come by 12:30 to allow time to pick up materials and navigate the road construction on Paradise Bay.  You are encouraged to bring your adult children to participate with you in this seminar, thus assuring that you all hear the same information and can then more openly talk about this difficult subject.  Cost of this seminar: free.  Peace of mind received:  priceless!

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