Posted by Pete Leenhouts on Oct 07, 2019
Rotarians are all about adding value to our communities locally, and around the world. We are friendly, intensely community-minded, and pointedly non-political. We work together and with other interested groups and members of our communities to effect positive and lasting change, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and build goodwill and peace throughout the world. We use our weekly lunch meetings to stay informed about our communities and their challenges, and to plan how we can best effect positive, lasting change within them.   Read on to find out more about us! 

We are proud to contribute our energy and expertise to one of the world’s completely voluntary, most effective non-governmental organizations. Our 1.2 million members in nearly every country of the world have been making a real and lasting difference for over a century. Check out our Annual Report for a good overview of Rotary!


The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County meets on Thursdays at noon at the Old Alcohol Plant Restaurant, 310 Hadlock Bay Road, Port Hadlock, on Washington’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula. Club members are well-known for their community engagement and their long tradition of welcoming guests and those interested in Rotary. 


Rotarians, men and women alike, come from all walks of life, and every age group and cohort from 18 on up. We don’t care about your political affiliation, religious orientation, sex or skin color - what we care about is working together to find ways to improve our communities, one person at a time.   


Rotary offers every member a path to making a real and lasting difference in the world.  We’re a voluntary organization of individuals who recognize the power or working together to address such challenges. If you’ve ever wondered how best to tackle some of the world’s most difficult and challenging problems, look to see what Rotarians are doing about it and consider joining us.  


Our club has partnered with Chimacum Schools for many years. We award substantial scholarships to deserving students on an annual basis, and recognize senior students of the month. We support literacy programs at the Elementary School level. We are building a new pavilion to support the high school horticulture program, and actively support the Jefferson Teen Center with services to improve their facilities. We are proud to sponsor an outgoing high school exchange student from Chimacum High School every year, and to host an inbound student for the year from another country - over the past couple of years, a young woman from Thailand, a young man from Croatia, a young woman from Holland, and this year, a young woman from South Korea.  We are actively working to improve our support of the Quilcine School District as well. We are proud to be supporting an active Interact Club at Chimacum High School which works alongside us to raise money to support local causes, Heifer International, and the Shelterbox program while learning and developing their leadership skills. 


Within the Tri-Area (Chimacum, Port Hadlock and Irondale), we host the Hadlock Block Party Parade in August, support the Community Meal Program for residents and guests on the third Sunday of every month, fund grants to deserving local organizations, co-host the Heart of Service Award each year, raised funds for and built the Bookmobile garage at the local library, and help care for the Rotary Pavilion in H.J. Carroll County Park, built entirely with Rotary Club funds we raised and then donated to the County a number of years ago. 


We usually have at least one global project in the planning or active execution stage. Our most recent project, completed in June of 2018, was helping impoverished rural communities in Honduras dig new wells and construct and manage water distribution systems to reduce the incidence of disease. We have helped communities in rural Ecuador reduce their incidence of disease, led the installation of fresh water distillation systems in Thailand, helped to build a dental clinic in Kenya for the Masai people, and actively contribute to global disaster relief through the Shelterbox program.  Our next global project will focus on building dignity toilets for impoverished communities in the African country of Togo, a project we are developing in concert with the other six rotary Clubs on the Olympic Peninsula.  


There are no end to challenges, from the local level to the global level. How do you even begin to make a difference? Rotarians know! As you can see, we strongly believe in working together to improve our communities and to take action to resolve some of the most difficult challenges among them.  


We welcome visitors and those interested in our club and Rotary more broadly. Consider joining us for lunch at noon on Thursdays at the Old Alcohol Plant in Port Hadlock at 310 Hadlock Bay Road. You’ll find plenty of parking at the Center. An optional cafeteria-style meal is served from 11:30 am - noon. The meeting starts promptly at noon. Following a brief business meeting and announcements, a speaker, often drawn from the communities around us, addresses the club and takes questions. The meeting wraps up at 1pm sharp. We encourage guests!


We maintain our website and a Facebook page oriented towards people interested in finding out more about Rotary International and our club.  


Biographies of our members - here, here and here - may interest you. And, there are several more: here, here and here.  


If you're at all interested in making a real and lasting difference in the world, check out Rotary, what we do, and consider joining us!  



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