The Public Relations Committee is one of the Standing Committees of The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County per the Club Bylaws. The Committee mandate is to develop and implement plans to provide the public with information about Rotary and to promote the Club’s service projects and activities.

The Committee Chair is Pete Leenhouts. Club Rotarians who support the Committee include Ned Luce (who writes a weekly column for the PT Leader in which he occasionally mentions the Club), Jack McKay (who writes the weekly newsletter for the Club that is distributed at meetings to members in print), and Diane Johnson, (who occasionally edits some of the longer writings).  The Committee could use at least two additional active members.   


The Goals of the Public Relations Committee Action Plan are:  


First, to provide the public with information about Rotary International, and, more specifically, to provide information to the public about the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.  


Second, to ensure adequate, proactive and positive local media coverage of the Club’s service project activities in support of the communities in eastern Jefferson County, Washington.


Third, to ensure adequate, proactive regional, national as well as international media coverage of the Club’s global service project activities in support of Rotary International.  


Fourth, to support the members of our Rotary club as they inform their families, friends and associates of Rotary’s aims and accomplishments, and the accomplishments of their Club and fellow members.


Fifth, to cultivate the understanding of community leaders, young people, government, nongovernmental organizations, and other organizations and special interest groups who should be aware of Rotary, its mission, scope, programs, and activities.


Sixth, to encourage community leaders and, even more broadly, the community to join us in the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.


Seventh, to support the Club’s efforts to qualify annually for the Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction.


Duties. The duties of the Public Relations Committee are drawn from those listed in the Rotary International manual “Lead Your Club: Public Relations”, supplemented by those the Committee performs for the Club. They are:


Create awareness of club activities and projects among club members, media, and the community;


Support the work of the membership committee and the other committees of the club.


Learn key points for talking about Rotary and use them when speaking in public;


Use social media to promote awareness of Rotary and our club in the community;


Make sure our club’s image is in line with Rotary’s public image;


Share our club’s Rotary stories with the local traditional and new media;


Become familiar with Rotary’s public relations resources.


Action Plan.

Action Plans are required of all Committees per the Club's Bylaws, Article 9 and 10.  The Public Relations Committee Action Plan (PR CAP) consists of the Introduction, a Table of Contents, and nine Enclosures. The Plan is centered around Enclosure (1), the List of Committees. Each committee within our Club is supported by a Public Relations Annex associated with their Action Plan. Each Public Relations Annex lists the Committee Chair, the Committee members, and all known public relations actions associated with that group. Each Annex is reviewed by the relevant Chair on an annual and as-required basis. Enclosure (2), the Public Relations Committee Management Timeline, integrates the actions specified in each Annex in a date-sequential manner, adjusting dates where necessary. The Management Timeline also includes the internal actions necessary to manage the work of the Committee.  (Let Pete Leenhouts know if you would like access to these documents).

Additional enclosures list points of contact, media venues, media appearances, the budget request and authorization, the public relations portion of the Rotary Citation, and reports.


The Committee routinely generates content for news stories, videos, the Club’s website, the District newsletter, and the Club’s Facebook pages among other media venues.  


The Committee actively supports the President-Elect’s management of the Club’s pursuit of the annual Rotary Citation via the Rotary Citation Campaign Plan. One of the three strategic priorities of the Citation is “Enhance Public Image and Awareness”, which is in turn addressed by six goals. The Committee manages the club’s effort to accomplish all six goals, as well as the Public Image-related goals to enable the Club to earn the Rotary Citation with Platinum Distinction.   


The Committee reports quarterly to the Board of Directors, annually to the Club at the Annual meeting,  and as required at other times.


If you’d be interested in joining the Committee, let Committee Chair Pete Leenhouts know how you would like to help - he'd welcome your support!






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