Every year, our Club President-Elect, working with the Board of Directors and the Foundation Committee, with input from individual Club members, establishes our fundraising goals for their year as President. The goals include our Club’s support of the Annual Fund and the Polio Plus Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

The Charity Navigator report on the Foundation reflects top marks for our Foundation - in fact, it is one of the very highest ranked in the nation, and has been for eleven straight years. Rotarians can place great confidence in the Foundation, which manages and uses our money wisely.  You’ll find the Foundation’s financial reports here.  


This year, our Club goal is to donate at least $11,000 to the Annual Fund and $26.50 each for a total of $1,510.50 to the Polio Plus Fund for a total of $12,510.50.

Our Club encourages each member to consider donating at least $120 annually to the Rotary Foundation, though many members donate far more than that. We do this through a gentle reminder on the semi-annual bill statement sent to each member, and by occasional updates at both the individual and Club level. It must be noted that donations are entirely up to the individual and are not mandated by the Club. Last year, our Club averaged donations of nearly $300 per Rotarian.

The “Every Rotarian Every Year” (abbreviated EREY, often pronounced “airy”) recognition seeks to encourage all Rotarians to donate at least $100 to The Rotary Foundation annually and to become involved in a Foundation project or program. There are a wide variety of programs and projects which should pique your interest. Every Rotarian is strongly encouraged to find an area which interests them and to get involved to the maximum extent practicable, for it is our activity which makes these projects and activities happen.  

Donations to the Annual Fund, the Polio Plus Fund and global grants approved by The Rotary Foundation earn Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) recognition points. Broadly speaking, one point is earned for each dollar donated, though members can assign their own PHF points to others as well. A Paul Harris Fellow is not an award, but formal recognition of the donation. Rotarians earn one PHF recognition for every 1,000 points they accrue. There are many other recognition categories and almost as many awards; Pete Leenhouts can provide details.  

Our Club has a long-standing policy of matching the first $500 donation from a new Rotarian with $500 to enable them to earn their first Paul Harris Fellow (which we usually refer to as the “1:1 match”). The Club matches donations from those who have earned their first and follow-on Paul Harris Fellow recognitions with one dollar for every three dollars donated (the “1:3 match”), which means that for every $750 donated to The Rotary Foundation, the Club will donate $250 to make up the $1,000 donation for the Rotarian to earn their next Paul Harris Fellow, up to $9,000. Members who have donated $10,000 or more to TRF are recognized with Major Donor Awards.

Paul Harris Fellow recognition points accrued by Rotarians may be given to others, even non-Rotarians, in recognition of their service. The Club may also give it's Foundation Recognition Points to individuals in recognition of their service by a vote of the Board; any Club member may recommend such action. See Pete Leenhouts for details.

The Foundation Committee Chair updates each member semi-annually on their Paul Harris Fellow status and as requested. Rotarians can always check their own status at any time online via MyRotary on the Rotary International website as well.

Donating to The Rotary Foundation is actually pretty easy. You may write a check to the Club, designate it for the Annual Fund, and give it to the Club Treasurer. Or, you may make a one-time donation or arrange for an automatic deduction each month from your bank or checking account to The Rotary Foundation at https://my.rotary.org/en/donate. Check with Foundation Chair Pete Leenhouts or Club Treasurer Jennifer Blais should you have questions, and remember to designate where you’d like your donation to go. The Annual Fund and the Polio Plus Fund are the two most often supported by Club members, but you can donate to an approved global grant, the Endowment Fund, and others. Pete Leenhouts can explain more in detail as desired.

Foundation Committee members include John Barrett (Grants), Diane Johnson, Pete Leenhouts (Chair), Larry Howland, Vince Verneuil,  and Jack Zalaha (Planned Giving). The Rotary Foundation works hard on our behalf to support Rotarians and their activities to improve their communities locally and around the world. We’d welcome your participation!





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