My goals for this Rotary Year (July 1st, 2018 through June 30th, 2019) revolve around increasing our presence in the community, and helping our local neighbors while focusing on helping humanity on a global basis.
We do amazing community work, but we need to strengthen our immediate public image. To accomplish this, we will be boosting support for our Public Image Committee allowing them to take needed action to broadcast our current projects and our accomplishments. We will also be increasing our social media presence, and we will revitalize our current website to appropriately reflect our club actives, increasing which in turn will increase local interaction with our content and then direct involvement with our club.
In addition, we will be supporting and strengthening the club by aiming to achieve a net gain of 10 new members, we will improve our membership retention rate by 1% while also focusing on increasing a net gain in female members.
We will focus and increase our humanitarian service by encouraging more members to become involved in our service projects, while also by conducting significant local and international projects.
With a specific focus on enhancing the public image and awareness of our club, we will be increasing our number of media posts for club projects while focusing on documenting and details our volunteer hours, funds raised, community sponsors, and photographs of our amazing Rotarians in action. It is critical that the community sees and understands how we help.
Committees are a critical part to the club's success, we need to energize our committees to accomplish our goals. The Membership Committee is a vital lifeline for the success of our club. We have to remember, club success rests on all of our shoulders - we must all be engaged, together we can do anything!
I will personally strive to help our club earn not only the Rotary Citation but also earn the citation with Platinum Distinction. This will be possible by achieving a minimum net gain of 6 new members, showing how our club’s members are People of Action on social media while also initiating a leadership, personal, or professional development program to enhance members’ skills and their ability to help the community.
Members & Engagement: I have set our goal for club membership to a total of 65 members and would like to see 10 current members sponsor new members while increasing our service participation to 40 a minimum of members.
Rotary Foundation Giving: I have set our Annual Fund contributions goal to $11,000 and set the Polio Plus Fund contributions to $26.50 per Rotarian. In addition, it would be an honor during my year if we could achieve a goal of adding 1 Major Gift, 1 Bequest Society member and 10 new Benefactors to our club.
While we work on increasing our presence in the community, I have set our Social Activities goal to 9 events, our goal to update our website and social media accounts it set to 20 updates a month, while strongly encouraging a minimum of 10 Media stories during the Rotary Year about club projects.
I’m excited to announce that working closely with Dr. Barrett and Pete Leenhouts, we have secured a District Community Grant to help revitalize the Jefferson Teen Center and we will continue to work towards securing a Global Grant to help with a personal passion of mine, water and sanitation.
Two key points to always remember, we must never stop learning, and we must always adapt to change. While it is often difficult to do so, it is a requirement for us to stay relevant in today's culture.
It will be an honor to support our club as the President of the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County!


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