It is a privilege to have the opportunity to again serve as President of the Rotary Club of East Jefferson County.
We have three major goals this Rotary year. In priority order, our major goals are:  
  1. Enhance Club fellowship and fun.
  2. Attract new members and retain current members.
  3. Improve our active service to change lives within our local and global communities. 
At the base of all we do as a club is the strength of our fellowship. Membership needs to be fun and enjoyable. If we’re doing things that detract from that, lets change them.
To encourage busy people to want to join our Rotary Club, I believe we have to be doing something that merits their time and attention. Working together to strengthen our local communities first, then focusing on how we can contribute outside our District and then around the world, merits our attention and energy.    
Rotary’s real business is fellowship and service.  Let’s enjoy our fellowship and employ that energy to measurably improve people's lives within our communities through a variety of service projects.    
In closing, its human nature, I think, to focus on the “wolf closest to the sled”, be it the pandemic, our economic situation, or even politics. It’s our role, as Rotarians, to lift ourselves and our fellow members above the daily fray and find ways to contribute positively to our Club and our communities. Together, let’s continue to make that happen!    
With Respect,
Pete Leenhouts
President, The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County