One day our life is fine and the next an unexpected change arrives at our door. Such is the case with the Coronavirus. Not one of us was looking for something like this to change our course of action in March. Yet it stopped us dead in our tracks. Suddenly we had to start carefully negotiating how we do things.  The care and concern I have witnessed from Rotarians throughout District 5020 is inspiring and heart warming.

   You expressed ways to ensure Youth Exchange and RYLA students were kept safe and keep their parents calm.

   You determined how to best go forward with your club events and meetings and many took ZOOM training.

   You offered suggestions for increasing the safety of district events.

   Your response was quick, effective and positive.

   It is little wonder that Rotary has such a good reputation in the world. You put service above self and you do it because you really care. I cannot think of a time I am prouder to call myself a Rotarian.

   You have given up so much. You have given up everything from your celebration events to your club fundraisers and yet you still have shared stories of what you have continued to help others in your community. You found ways to stay in touch with club members and you kept your sense of humour.

   Your District has also found ways to continue to offer you the services you want and need. Look for the announcements coming your way for the District Training Zoom (either DT Zee or DT Zed depending on where you live).

   District Governor Elect Greg has been working with District Trainer Marnee to line up a great training day on May 16th. It will all be presented via ZOOM and if you haven’t signed up yet go to the District 5020 website now. There is even going to be a virtual cocktail party at the end of the day.

   But wait. There’s more.

   If you haven’t heard, there is a new course available to you through Rotary. It allows Rotarians and your family or friends to take the Certified Nurse Assistant program for free. Yes, free (like really free). If you are interested in the content but not in becoming certified, there is a Rotary Fast Track that is shorter and gives you the skills to help in times of crisis.  You can access it right now at theglobalimpactgroup. org.

   If you are staying home right now it’s a great opportunity to take the course. Jim Marggraff is a Rotarian from California who managed to put this together for Rotary. Jim is an interesting man. He invented the Leap Pad and went on to bring virtual reality to Rotary International.

   So sign up for the DTZ and lets make sure that we help Rotary grow and thrive. 

   There is one request I have … you will be attending from the comfort of your home … but toss on your Hawaiian shirt and get into the ALOHA theme.