A week ago, I outlined my goals as Club President, presenting them to the Club during the Assembly as a Rotary Call to Action. The active participation and contribution of each of us, not only as individuals, but, very importantly, as members of our club’s committees, are what will enable us, as a club, to make strong progress towards those goals.
At the two most recent Club meetings, we’ve reviewed our Club’s committee structure. While there may remain a few additions to the list below, I think I’ve managed to capture all of the committees (and major activities) which make up that part of our Club. Committees are really the heart of the Club, and should be the core of planning and accomplishment within the Club.

In my time as a Club member, it has become clear to me how much our Club depends on all of us contributing our time, talents, and yes, funds, both as individuals and as members of committees and activities, to support the Club’s goals. Rotarians, it is plain to me, are interested and supportive of action in support of the ideal of service, and do not want to sit on the sidelines. And, it is absolutely clear to me that our club values the contributions of every member.


In an ideal world, I think all of us need to belong to and actively contribute our time and energy to at least one Club committee. I recognize that there may be infrequent exceptions for the obvious reasons, but travel, at least as I see it, need not limit us, as Rotarians, from participation.  


Each committee should have a Chairperson, an assistant chair and members. I think the assistant chair is important, because that position will provide that person an opportunity for personal development in that area as well as the opportunity to more actively support the Chair. You need not be an expert in the area to be a committee member, as you can expect to develop understanding and eventual expertise through your active participation.   


Click here to review the ist of committees. The list reflects my understanding of our current structure and membership.


If you are not already on at least one committee, choose several that catch your eye and let Pete Hubbard, our Secretary, know which, in priority order, you’d like to join. If you have limitations that might affect your participation, such as longer-term travel, or a strong desire to serve on a particular committee, please note that too. A response to Pete by Wednesday, August 12th, would be ideal and most appreciated.


Pete will make sure that your desires are reflected in the Committee list and will forward the list to all members of the Club by Wednesday, August 19th.  


I’ve asked Pete to place a copy of this e-mail on our website under the “Stories” headline so that it can be easily accessed by all members of our Rotary club.   


Thank you for your consideration!   


Pete Leenhouts



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