The 538 Districts that make up Rotary International are divided into 34 Zones. Each Zone has approximately the same number of Rotarians. 

The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County is one of 92 Clubs that make up Rotary District 5020, which is, in turn, a part of Rotary International Zone 27, which, together with Zone 26, is known as “Big West”.


The two Zones together encompass 30 districts in the Far Western United States and Canada. (Here’s a good map).  Rotarian Johrita Solari, a member of the Rotary Club of Anaheim, California, is the Director representing Zone 26/27 on the Rotary International Board of Directors. 

All Rotary Zones maintain libraries of information that may prove useful to Rotarians, as does ours. Find the Zone Library here, with additional resources, among others, here and here. Don’t forget to check other Zones and Districts for their libraries and resources as well!