Assuming you have clicked here and download the ClubRunner (CR) APP onto your cell phone or tablet, click on “Club Members” (in the APP) and count how many members have a picture of themselves and how many do not. 
When you have the two numbers, add your comment (below) with the two numbers.
If you are the first AND you give the correct count, I will give you five (5) free SCAM tickets for the SCAM drawing. 
The next person who adds a comment with the two correct numbers will get four (4) free SCAM tickets; the next person will get three (3), the next person will get two (2) and all the rest who add a comment with the two correct numbers will get one (1) free SCAM ticket. 

TJ posted the winning comment for the first contest AND then proceeded to pick the first SCAM ticket and won $14.  Congratulations TJ,

Click here if you want to learn how to have your photo appear next to your name.



I found 20 members with photos and 40 that do not.  (<- Someone - I think I know who - edited this Story to add this sentence. It does not count because it was not a "Comment" like the one TJ made (below) AND I don't know who it is. So please remove your comment here and add it as a "Comment" below so you can participate in this game. Pete 4:24 PM 7/1)


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