Posted by Dale Roberts on Dec 06, 2019

In every survey about why Rotarians love Rotary and why Rotarians continue to be members, one of the top reasons (and often the number one reason) is fellowship.


Being a Rotarian likely means that your closest and dearest friends are or are going to become Rotarians.  Why?  You are among people with the same world view.  No matter what the religion, the politics, the race, the age or the sex, these are all people who share a culture of service above self and the four-way test.  These are your people.


So how do you befriend these people?  What if you are a new Rotarian, or new to a particular club, or an existing Rotarian and you want to expand your circle of friends?  Here are five ways to grow your friendship in Rotary that you might consider:

1. Introduce yourself.  If your club has a greeter, volunteer to be the greeter.  If you can’t be the greeter, stand beside them and help welcome everyone.  Get around and let people know who you are.  Sit with a different group at each meeting.  Ask open ended questions about the Rotarians you meet.  Invite people for coffee.


2. Participate.  Go to the meetings.  Sign up for the work parties.   Volunteer for committees.  Let your name stand for positions in the club.


3. Get involved in organizing social activities within your club.  Every Rotary club is unique, and some clubs have more social events than others.  If your club has a vibrant committee, volunteer.  If your club doesn’t do a lot of social events, volunteer.  Investigate ways to involve Rotarians in a social setting, such as “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, pub crawl, Christmas party, family picnic, car rally or games night.


4. Meet Rotarians outside of your club.  Any Rotarian is welcome as a guest at any Rotary club, anywhere in the world.  Attend the District training and conference.  Volunteer for a role in committees in the District.  There are always spots for more helping hands for District Training, Conference, Youth Programs, Literacy, Public Image, Membership, Foundation and much more.  Attend an International convention.


5. Join a Fellowship or Action Group.  Align yourself with a group of fellow Rotarians who have the same interests.  There are over 80 Fellowships (and growing) with focus on everything from vocation, to Rotary, to activities.  Rotarians get together to share their love of their favorite beverage, hobby, interest or sport.  Rotarians also share a desire to solve problems in the world through Action Groups.  There are currently over 25 action groups dealing with concerns ranging from disease prevention, to the environment, to clean water to literacy.  To see the full list, just Google “Rotary Action Groups” or “Rotary Fellowships”.


Our District 5020 newsletter is an interesting and informative way to connect with Rotarians in the 90+ clubs across our District. Check it out, here:  



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