All Rotary Clubs welcome new members. It’s not difficult to join a Club, but all Rotary Clubs are “by invitation only” and there are several kinds of clubs. With that in mind, we invite you to consider joining us!  During the pandemic, we have been meeting on Zoom video. Send us an email at > <, introduce yourself, and ask for the meeting link. You're welcome to join us to check us out.  

Rotary is 1.2 million active, involved individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both a local community organization and an international one. We are people of action - together, Rotarians lead and contribute to positive change in our own backyards and across the world.

The best way to obtain an invitation is to attend a regular meeting of the club you’re interested in joining. By doing so, you’ll get a sense of the club and the level and type of activity it’s engaged in, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and talk to club members. 

Search for “Rotary Club (location)” online, look in the local section of the paper, or ask around - nearly any community in the United States of any size has a Rotary Club at work in it. Another way to join is to visit Join Rotary online at, and ask for help in joining the type of Club in which you’re interested. 

All clubs are open to men and women, and are decidedly non-political and non-religious in nature. 

Most clubs meet weekly and include a presentation of interest to members.  A few clubs meet only online, and many maximize their time by alternating service projects and regular sit-down meetings. Sunrise Clubs meet for breakfast, others for lunch or dinner, while still others skip the meal altogether and focus on a shorter, more intense activity. There are even E-clubs which meet only online but gather in person for projects and activities.  Of course, during the pandemic, most clubs continue to meet online.    

Once you’ve attended several meetings and made the decision to ask for an invitation, the club will extend an invitation to you. When you accept and turn in your application, the Club’s Board will meet and let the club members know they’re in receipt of your application. Upon approval, usually within two weeks, the Club will accept your invitation and welcome you as a new member. 

Rotary clubs do not initiate members, and there are no "secret handshakes".  New members will participate in an orientation meeting and be assigned a member to help them integrate into the Club. As a new member, you should expect to encounter a welcoming, inclusive environment. 

Rotarians are expected to pay their club dues and fees on time, to participate in at least one committee of their choice, participate in Club project and fund-raising activities as feasible, and make donations within their means. Each club is different in this regard, but nearly all include these baseline expectations. 

Rotarians - men and women alike - come from all walks of life. Long gone are the days when only the doctors, lawyers, and businessmen could afford to join such clubs. The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County includes working mothers and fathers,  retired executives, military officers and firefighters, teachers, educational administrators - in short, it is an active and involved cross section of the people in our communities. 

We are proud to partner with Chimacum Schools, to lead and contribute to projects large and small within our local communities, to participate in international projects designed to reduce infant mortality and improve access to clean water in impoverished rural communities in South and Central America, and to contribute to the eradication of polio worldwide among many other projects. Wherever communities need active members, there you will find Rotarians.  

During the pandemic, we have been meeting on Zoom video. Send us an email at > <, introduce yourself, and ask for the meeting link. You're welcome to join us to check us out.  

Normally, we meet Thursdays in Port Hadlock at the Old Alcohol Plant restaurant, located at 310 Hadlock Bay Road at 11:30am for a very informal lunch. The meeting begins at noon. Each meeting includes a brief series of announcements, an interesting 20-25 minute presentation followed by questions and answers, and concludes promptly at 1pm.   

Our website is Check us out online, join us for a meeting, and talk to our members about why they are Rotarians!