(Joachim has been our 2014-2015 Exchange Student from Horsens, Denmark.)  
My name is Joachim Vandborg Lundø and I am 15 years old. I live in Horsens close to the inlet. Here I live with my parents. My mothers name is Pia, she is 49 years old and she work in a bank. My fathers name is Arne, and he is 50 years old and he’s work is, that he buy, sale and rent out apartments in Horsens and Vejle. I have also an older sister, named Camilla, and she is 19 years old. She work in a clothing store for children between 8 and 16.
I will start in 9. class on Hulvej School in Horsens after the summer holidays. Hulvej school is a little private school. I have gone there since 0. class. It is one of the best schools in Horsens. In 8. class I had 12 different subjects in a week. The subjects are maths, danish, english, german, sport, musical, history, geography, social studies, physics, biology and religion. I had 36 lessons in a week. One lesson is 45 minutes.  In 6. and 7. class I had musical and woodwork as optional subjects, but in 8. class I had no optional subjects, because I had a lot of lessons and I would concentrate about the more relevant subjects. Hulvej School is a academic school with focus on sport. The school want to be very socially minded. All students are going to have fun with each other, both the small and the big students. That is why Hulvej School planning a skiing holiday to Austria every year, for all students, parents and old students. The idea with the trip is, that all the people there is on the trip will know each other and they will help each other. I like to take part in voluntary things at school. I have been in the school council for two years and I have been in the school crossing patrol. In the school crossing patrol you have to meet 40 minutes earlier than normal students, because you help students and other people over the street.                   
In my spare time I use most of my time on friends and sport. Two times a week I row kayak on the inlet in Horsens. When it is too cold and there is ice on the inlet, I train with the members of the kayak club indoors to keep in shape. Like in February we were on the Dominican Republic, I jump 8 m down from a waterfall. I am very social, and like to do a lot of active things with my friends, because I am very interesting in water and motorsport, and have always liked to try to repair technical things. The interest for motorsport came when I watched motor racing with my grandfather. I really like to drive cars, tractor, ATV and motorbike with my best friend William, who lives on a farm.
The house I live in, is a house from 1929, and it is placed on a private road Spangevej 35 in Horsens. We live about 50 m from the inlet and have a nice view over the water. My house is about 240 m2 and the house has a ground floor, first floor and a basement. My mother and father have reconditioned the whole house 14 years ago, when they bought the house. The ground is about 900 m2. I have moved my room from first floor, to the basement. It is nice to get a room on 35 m2, where I can do my homework, sleep and be with my friends, but I like very much to be together with my family. Fortunate my school is only 1,5 km from our house, so I can just walk or cycle.
Horsens is the 8. biggest city in Denmark. The city has 54.450 inhabitants, and belong to region Central Jutland. For some years ago Horsens was not famous, but the last 5-8 years the city has hold a lot of concerts with big international bands and names. I like the city, because it has a good size. You can easily find all the places, and the city has all most everything you need. 
In my family we travel a lot, about 5 weeks every year, but we have not always travelled so much. We started to travel, when I was 9 years old. The first time we travelled were to Mallorca. It was really nice to fly. Since then we have been a lot of different places, Gran Canaria (5 times), Tenerife (2 times), Turkey (3 times), Crete (2 times), Rhodes (2 times), Austria (4 times), in Holland, in Belgium and in Paris. Suddenly we want to see other parts of the world, so we travelled to Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I love to travel and to meet other cultures, enjoy the sun and to swim in the sea, but I also want to be active. I have tried jetski, diving with air, windsurfing, to snorkel and to sit on a swim ring behind a speed boat. When we are fare away, we use to take on trips inside the country, but there have to be time to swimming and relaxing. I travel nearly always with my family.
I do not think about what education I want to have, because I have knew it, since I was a little boy. I want to follow in my father’s footsteps. I will take HHX on Learnmark in Horsens, and after that I will study HA and later Cand.Merc. on Aarhus University. I hope, I will get a very good education within trade, and it will open a lot of different possibilities for me. My biggest dream is to start my own company.  
Like everybody else I have strength and weaknesses. My strength are, that I am good to talk with other people, also people I do not know, I am very social both in school but also in my spare time, people often says, that I have a good humor. I am good to cook, I usually complete, what I am starting, I am hard working in the school and want to help other people. My weaknesses are, that I can be very angry if I do not complete one of my goals and sometimes I am a bad loser.     
It will mean a lot to me, to come one year to a foreign country after 9. class, and it will help me to get the education I want. At the University I must read books in English and the lessons are also in English, so a year in an English speaking country will help me a lot. It will also be the best experience in my live, to come to another culture, meet a lot of nice people and try another school. 
I hope,you will help me, so my dream will come true.  


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