How do you stay informed about the broad spectrum of Rotary International beyond the Club level? There are many useful websites you can use to stay informed and learn more about Rotary. Here are just a few of our favorites. 


Rotary International 

Zone 26/27

Rotary District 5020


Facebook pages

Rotary International

Zones 26/27

District 5020 


Being Rotarian

John Hewko (Rotary International’s General Secretary, or CEO)

Rotary E-Club One


Susanne Rea (World’s Greatest Meal to end Polio)



Rotary International blog - “Rotary Voices” 

The Rotarian Magazine

End Polio Now (Twitter)


Rotaract on Twitter

Rl General Secretary John Hewko on Twitter)

Rotary International on LinkedIn


Official Rotary Group on LinkedIn

Rotary Reconnect Group on LinkedIn

Rotary Youth Exchange Group on LinkedIn

Rotary International on Youtube

Rotary International on  Snapchat


Rotary International on Vimeo

District 5020 on Instagram

District 5020 on Youtube




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