Posted by Maureen Fritz-Roberts on Nov 01, 2019

November is such an exciting time for so many reasons.  In the United States you will be planning your Thanksgiving festivities.  Whether you are in Canada or the USA, we can all be grateful for our friends and families and rejoice in our good fortune to live in such a great part of the world.

I am thankful for Rotary’s motto of Service above Self.  It is an incredible feeling to know I have the means to help others.  When we give that extra time at a community work project or give that extra dollar, yes we really do receive as much joy as we create. It’s the little things that change the world.  One of those little things is our ability to donate through the Rotary Foundation.  

Like many things in our lives, automation has made it easier to donate to the Foundation and has removed the labor-intensive record keeping from Club Treasurers and Foundation Chairs.

Rotary has made it possible for you to donate automatically through your Rotary account.  Your donations will be tracked, and you can run a report at any time to view your giving history.  You also can also decide where you want your funds to go.  So many choices.  

You can give to Polio eradication.  Your funds immediately go to wipe out Polio. As a bonus, your donations are matched two to one by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can designate your donation to the Annual fund.  Your money will accumulate interest for three years to pay overhead for the Foundation. The money then comes back to the District to be used for grants (which your club can apply for!).  

You can select a specific area of Focus so that, rather than coming back to the district, those funds will automatically be designated to grant applications from Rotarians around the world to be used for that purpose only.

It really isn’t complicated when you think it is about choices. You decide exactly how your donation will be used. Mix and match. Pick your area. It will all benefit those who need it the most.

So, let’s get started. Follow these easy steps and you can quickly set up your Rotary account and begin the donation process.  You may not have someone actually shake your hand and say thank you for the difference you will make in the world, but you will know in your heart that you are changing lives.  


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