Posted by Robin Summerfelt on Feb 08, 2019
I was born, and grew up in Seattle but have lived in several regions in Washington State. I learned most of my outdoor skills in Scouts and sailed four years aboard the Adventurous.

I have several degrees from four Washington state universities that include Asian Studies, English, Industrial Technology, Home and Family Life/Home Economics. My favorite degree is vocational education. While teaching in the public schools, I taught English, algebra, high school machine shop, sheet metals, welding, several levels of wood shop, electronics, horticulture, auto shop, sewing, cooking, and even classes to teach kitchen appliance repair.

For the past 25 years, I have directed a private accredited school that have developed volumes of experiences, and opportunities from people ages 12 to 93! My students are my favorite teachers.

I enjoy fly fishing, hiking, sailing, skiing, scuba diving, soaring, master gardening, working in the shop, photography, riding roller coasters, and working for NSB Design.