Displaying IMG_4484.JPGWelcome to the Officer Installation Meeting of the EJRC.
Identify guest Bill James – best AG in the business 
Introduce Ray Serebrin
Thanks for a great year

Membership – Up 6 new members – 8 if you count last year’s Officer Installation Meeting when Pete Hubbard and Brian Becker were inducted. Their participation included:

    TJ Plastow – Interact, Flags, Host family

    Hillary Smith – Flags, raffle

    Whitney Meissner – Flags, finance committee

    Julie Hatch - sold winning raffle ticket

    Brian – drink coaster design

    Joe Nole – sold roses aggressivley

    Pete Hubbard – Secretary

    John Clark – Transfer          

Financially – solid year, built reserves for bigger projects and increased budget for scholarships 

Visibility – local and district – flags, scholarships, even coasters 

Use of technology – website richer by a large margin, using tech for lunch meetings and board meetings.        

Built a solid Foundation for the future


Being a member of Rotary is bigger than even the local impact.


It means being part of a group of people who have changed lives, have saved lives, and touched people we will never see.


As Rotarians we have planted the precious seeds of hope in children, given the gift of laughter and imagination to children who had none before, have shown troubled youth who had given up that we care about them, and demonstrated that the whole Rotary community cares about them.


We support the arts, Santa and his elves, playgrounds, parks, Special Olympics, and much more.


We work for world peace and understanding by hosting Rotary Exchange students.


We support Interact Clubs giving young people opportunities to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and responsible citizenship.


Rotary has given the gift of higher education to those that could not afford it, the gift of literacy to those who did not have it, the gift of self-sufficiency to blind and deaf students, and much more.


Rotarians support RYLA, the Rotary Youth Leadership Assemblies helping youth stretch their competitive muscle, learn the value of integrity, and realize their inner strengths on their journey to become better people.


In developing countries Rotarians give people their dignity thru gifts of self-reliance, sustainability and hope. Rotarians give the gift of clean water, sanitation, education and sustainability to families that had none.


Through Disaster Aide and Shelter Box Rotarians provide families a temporary home and essential equipment to continue when they have lost everything in a disaster.


Rotarians have led in the vaccination of 2.5 billion children against polio. In 1988 there were about 350,000 cases of polio.

So far this year, only in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, the last three countries reporting cases, there have been a total of 25 cases reported. As somebody says, we are this close.


The significant positive impacts Rotarians make on people in this world are monumental. Congratulations to each and every

Rotarian. We go and do good in the world. We commit to do the best we can and we help others. We share in the effort to improve lives around the world. I could not be prouder than to be a part of this organization.


I would like to recognize a few of the people who have made significant contributions this past year.


First of all, the wonderful Linda Kostenbader with help from TJ Plastow and Jake Meyer leading the Interact Club and the Student of the Month program.


Bob Hobart in his support of Jennifer Blais as the associate treasurer.


Meredith Wagner and Jake Meyer served as our club’s representatives to the successful Hearts of Service program.


John Barrett led and continues to lead and monitor the Honduras Water Well development project.


Harold Brunstad headed the International projects effort.


Vince Verneuil led our club’s successful participation in the Paul Harris Foundation.


Larry Howland led the quarterly road cleanup effort always ending up at Chuck Russell’s Valley Tavern for lunch.


Emeilia De Souza and Karen Griffith led the successful Rose Sale.


Pat Cooper took over the complex and important world of youth services officer.


Chuck Boggs led one of the best scholarship programs we have ever had.


Our club had a great board that made tough decisions and led by example.


I would like to now recognize the directors for the past year.


Jake Meyer was on the Hearts of Service committee and helped Linda Kostenbader with the Interact Club. Unfortunately he is very ill and our thoughts and prayers are with Jake in this battle for his life.         


Ed Davis semi retired last year and he has become our “Go to guy”. He sets up for lunch meetings and arranges for the other tasks that need to be done. He heads up the successful flag program.


Julia Price handled the requests for community grants for the board as well as led fellowship as she provided a blessing for our lunch meetings.


Jennifer Blais has done a great job as treasurer providing valuable input to the board and executing the conversion to Quickbooks for financial record keeping. She also brings her son Sebastian along to help install flags for us.


Karen Griffith provided sage advice as the past president as well as volunteered to be the “Sunshine Committee” taking greetings from the club to members who were ill or hurt. She also again led the Rose Sale fundraiser.


John Erickson did great work leading the membership effort, heading up a flag installation team and doing room setup for lunch.


Pete Leenhouts stepped in and did a great job when Ray Serebrin became temporarily unable to get a program together for each of our lunch meetings. Program highlights ranged from the Captain of the USS Stennis to Emelia De Souza’s review of the transgender community, a topic all over the news.


    David Letterman retired this past year and you may remember that every show he had a top 10 list. I was sorely tempted to ask each of the board members to participate in such a review of the club’s activities over the past year, but my wife, BJ, convinced me of the “shlock factor” inappropriate for this evening. As a result, I have put together a “top 3”, (like that is classier), for the evening and I am asking the 3 remaining board members to help point out a few highlights of the ways they helped me in my year as president.


    First of all, with number 3, Fred Obee:


    As many of you know, Ned writes a weekly column for the Port Townsend Leader. Every week I hear from the news staff that Ned is writing another story about Rotary. That is a lot of information about our club and is really not appropriate that regularly even though he could probably make up some stuff to fill up his column, just like everything else he puts in there. I finally convinced him that once every two weeks was still not desirable but acceptable.


    Now with number 2: Terry Umbreit


    In an effort to create more local visibility as well as make a couple of bucks, Ned asked me to head up the “retail sales” effort. He expected to sell a couple of hats and be done with it. I showed him. Every week I was hawking hats, T-shirts, jackets and you name it. You may know that Ned went to Wabash College in Indiana and I want you to know that even with all the pressure he put on me, I never sold any Wabash gear!    


And finally, with the number one highlight of the year, Pete Hubbard:


    As Secretary Ned asked me to make an effort to include more technology in our communication within the club and to the world outside of our membership. The intent was to better present the story of Rotary locally and remotely. Ned discovered the world of “Google Docs” and insisted I put all of our communications and club documents on “Google Docs” so that every piece of data could be accessed AND modified by anybody with a teletype. I told Ned I would not ever participate in such a foolish endeavor!


I would be truly remiss if I missed this opportunity to ask Larry Howland up here with me. I invited Larry to every board meeting as he provides incredible background information and sage advice for our club. His steady hand and voice have been invaluable to your board of directors and our club. In addition, I thought it appropriate to give Larry an opportunity to tell you of one other highlight of the year.


Larry Howland


        As you all know, Ned likes to increase the visibility of Rotary and our club and uses a “Rotary Guest Speaker Pen” as a small gift to our guest speakers as a way to thank them. He also makes sure they know that it is a “valuable, highly desirable, and rare” gift they are getting as a token of our appreciation for their visit to our club. At least that is what he says every time he hands out one of those guest speaker pens. Since Ned thinks that is pretty special, I sure wish I had one.


In addition, I want to thank my wife, BJ, who has been wonderful support for me this year as she does everything from making dishes for pot luck dinners to putting up flags. Thanks much Dear.


Well the time has come. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the next president. Please join me as we welcome the new president of the East Jefferson Rotary Club, Pete Leenhouts.



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