Rotary International is excited to announce that there have been 6 newly recognized Rotary Fellowships in just the last three months. These new groups are open to any interested individual. Click on their links below to learn more, join, or contact these new groups. You can also visit the Rotary Fellowship website to find a full list of all  active Rotary fellowships.

Argentine Culture Agrupación Rotary Cultura Argentina - The purpose of this Rotary Fellowship is to bring together interested persons to promote Argentine culture. The fellowship strives to unite those that have an affinity for the Argentine culture and its history through literary, artistic and sociocultural productions, promoting its dissemination and preservation.

Comedy & Laughters’ Rotary Fellowship - The purpose of this Rotary Fellowship shall be to provide a platform for any interested individual to network, collaborate and raise funds through engagement of comedy, laughter and fun towards support of service projects and above all the opportunity to enhance health and wellbeing through the participation in the fellowship.

Empowering Women - The fellowship empowers, elevates, motivates, and engages women into leadership roles and mentoring girls and boys into leadership, business and career roles. (Website to be launched soon.)

Global Development - The purpose of the Rotary Fellowship for Global Development is to foster and encourage learning and networking about Global development among members. Membership in the Rotary Fellowship for Global Development is open to any interested individual. (Website to be launched soon.)

Rotary Fellowship of Leadership Education And Development – We enhance the leadership capacity of Rotarians, Rotaractors, Peace Fellows, and friends of Rotary by providing leadership education and leadership development opportunities, and by connecting like-minded leaders through both in-person and virtual leadership events.

Rotary Fellowship of Palmwine – The Fellowship exists to use the Palmwine as a symbol to promote Africa’s rich cultural heritage and in effect boost African tourism. It also wants to globalize the Palmwine culture and propagate the rich economic values of the Palm Tree.

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