Rotary International is excited to announce the chartering of three new Rotary International Fellowships. Currently RI recognizes over 90 active Rotary Fellowships, groups of individuals who globally unite around a common hobby, profession, or shared identity with the primary purpose to network and further friendship.  Membership in a fellowship is open to any interested individual.

The newly approved fellowships are for Friends of Alsace, Pickleball, and Urban Gardening. The purpose of each fellowship is detailed below and includes a link to learn more or connect with each group:

Friends of Alsace – The Fellowship plans to organize worldwide events and activities to consolidate Alsace’s global presence.  The Alsace Fellowship strives to unite those that have an affinity for the Alsace region and its history.  The fellowship celebrates the region with all interested individuals along with those that have a personal connection to the region.

Pickleball The purpose of this Rotary Fellowship is to create and strengthen friendship locally and globally by playing and promoting the game of Pickleball.

Urban Gardening – The purpose of the fellowship is to create and strengthen friendship locally and globally by creating and grooming urban spaces with fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and any other items that are beneficial for urban spaces.

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