On 5/11/2016, I sent the following email to all of the Rotarians in our Club.

Each year in April, the CHS Interact students have a car wash to raise $1000 to purchase a ShelterBox. So far this year they have raised $867 towards their sixth ShelterBox. We will pass a donation box one more time at our next Rotary luncheon and ask your help in raising the remaining $133.   


When I asked the ShelterBox company for some information about the CHS Interact Club ShelterBox  purchases, they sent me the following email.

      The Interact Club at Chimacum High School rocks!  They have actually sponsored FIVE ShelterBoxes since 2010 (their very first donation was actually for two boxes.)

  1. Box 14341 Deployed to Haiti in December, 2010
  2. Box 15342 Deployed to Columbia in January, 2011
  3. Box 19517 Deployed to the Philippines in January, 2012
  4. Box 22103 Deployed to the Sudan in September, 2013
  5. Box 24390 Not Yet Deployed

Awesome work!  Congratulations to all.

The Rotarians who were present at our 5/19 luncheon exceeded our expectations and donated over $200 including an anonymous donation of $75. THANK YOU very much.


The Interact students just bought their 6th ShelterBox and now have money towards their 7th for next year.

Congratulations, CHS Interact students!


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