Each month of the Rotary calendar has a theme, and perhaps none is more important than November’s – Rotary Foundation month.  The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is the engine that makes Rotary go.  It’s what makes us Rotary, and it is what sets us apart from all the other service organizations in the world.

If you already donate to The Rotary Foundation on a regular basis, thank you.  If you are one if the 2,000+ Rotary members in our district that never gives to The Rotary Foundation, I have an opportunity for you.

 Please go to www.rotary.org/donate and sign up for a small donation at regular intervals.  It can be monthly, quarterly, whatever.  The amount doesn’t have to be big, maybe the equivalent of a couple of cups of Tim Horton’s coffee in Canada or Starbucks in the States per month.  Or the price of a tank of gas.  $10 US from all 2,000 members would make a huge difference.  Yes, I’m asking every Rotarian to sign up on direct deposit for at least $10 per quarter, it would be a great start.

 I also have a great opportunity for you that only comes once per year.  The Zone Leadership Institute will be November 12 – 13 – 14.  If you want to learn more about how Rotary operates in the Big West, this is the place to be.  It will be virtual, and costs just $49 to register.  You don’t need to take all the classes, but if you have ever said, “My club just can’t attract new members,” or “ We don’t have an ideas on virtual fundraisers,” or “We don’t have a clue about how to tackle Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” then this is the place you should be.

 Please register today at zone2626.org.  Mary and I hope to see you there.

 Thanks, and I hope to see you at one of your weekly Zoom club meetings soon.

 Yours in Rotary,

Greg Horn

5020 Governor 2020-2021