Posted by Paul Wynkoop on Aug 03, 2018

I was a member of the Springfield, OR Rotary Club for five years and served as the Youth Exchange Officer as well as conducting the outbound short and long term Youth Exchange programs for the Eugene and Springfield metro area. I was asked by my CEO if I wanted to attend a meeting as the guest of a member of the Springfield Club. I decided to give it a try and the rest is history. You may wonder what it was that attracted me to join Rotary. In the beginning it was the people, they were very welcoming, open and inviting. It was obvious in the way that they interacted that they were a family. The more meetings I attended the deeper appreciation I had for the work that Rotary does all around the world.   When I retired and moved to Port Ludlow I was invited to join the East Jefferson Rotary Club by the then Club President. I’m now the President Elect and will be the Club President for the 2019/2020 Rotary year.  If you’re considering Rotary I heartily recommend you join us in the East Jefferson Rotary Club.  We meet on Thursday’s atfrom noon until 1:00





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