Preparing your family in advance of an emergency or natural disaster is a sensible thing to do. But where do you start?

Jefferson County is particularly susceptible to hazards that could severely affect our community. 


Consider our location on the Olympic Peninsula which is: 

■ Riddled with geological fault lines that generate earthquakes;

■ Exposed to storms that strike with great force;

■ Covered in vast forests that are vulnerable to wildfire;

■ Located at the gateway of shipping lines transporting shipments to and from some of the largest ports in North America ;

■ Accessible by only two roadways that are vulnerable to earthquake, landslide and blockage from various hazards and yet are essential for the transport of food, supplies and support services to our communities.


Preparing your family in advance of an emergency or natural disaster is a sensible thing to do. 


The Jefferson County Emergency Preparation Handbook contains information to help you, your family and your immediate neighborhood prepare for an emergency—one in which you may have to be self sufficient for a significant period of time. Find the Jefferson County Emergency Preparation Handbook here.


In the event of a widespread catastrophic event, such as a large earthquake, state and federal aid will take some time - definitely a month, and perhaps as long as six weeks - to get to our area due to the high density populations located nearby that would also be affected. Essentially - we’re on our own. 


The Jefferson County handbook provides basic information about: 


■ Individual and household preparedness to shelter-in-place;

■ Recommended food and water stores;

■ Developing and stocking Evacuation, Grab & Go Kits; 

■ Neighborhood preparedness;

■ Disaster-specific preparedness;

■ Boat and water safety, and more.


Disasters that strike people just like us are well known - the Nisqually earthquake, the recent Camp Fire in California, the forest fires across eastern Washington and British Columbia that bedeviled us during the summer of 2018, the spring floods from snowmelt - all of these are just a few of many well-known examples. 


The time to begin preparing for these kinds of extreme challenges is now. The County booklet provides us a great place to start.


Find the Jefferson County Emergency Preparation Handbook here:





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