Posted by Pete Leenhouts on Sep 04, 2018
Our Polio Plus goal this Rotary Year is for each of us to donate at least $26.50 to the Polio Plus program.  With 59 members, this would mean we would donate a total of $1,563.50.

The eradication of polio remains Rotary’s top philanthropic priority, and is the program to which Rotary donates the most money.


Polio Plus donations are made by individual club members. Each member has to decide whether they want to support the initiative, and if so, with how much.  


You may donate either online at, or via check to our Club Treasurer, making sure your check is clearly marked “for Polio Plus”.


So far this year, RI records show just one Club member has donated to Polio Plus. But that’s not unusual, as most of us donate either during our emphasis month, in October, or prior to the end of the Rotary Year on June 30th, 2019. Polio Plus donations do count towards your next Paul Harris recognition.    Either Pete Leenhouts or Larry Howland can tell you your polio plus donation as well as your Paul Harris status.

Interested in learning more? See Rotary’s End Polio site, here:, and look in on the global effort at the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, here:

While we really are “this close” to eradicating polio, our financial help is going to continue to make the difference.  It is a tough fight, but Rotary and our partners remain committed to the eradication of polio. Thank you for your support! 





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