Club members and volunteers are making good progress building the Rotary Horticulture Pavilion at Chimacum High School. The pavilion will support the school's vocational horticulture program when it is completed. This story provides an update on the project and solicits your help is completing it.
Our Club is building an outdoor pavilion at Chimacum High School in the garden area to support the school's vocational horticulture program. The garden is just behind the tennis courts off West Valley Road, and the pavilion construction project can be easily seen from the path along the west side of the school, immediately next to the school's greenhouse.  Paul Wynkoop, our Club President this year, assisted by Morris James, is leading the effort. 
Many of the details about the project are contained here, in the original story:
Since our last update on August 24th,  the concrete has been poured and cured around the posts. The area inside the pavilion was then leveled, batter boards installed, and rebar placed in advance of the floor. Once the preparations for the pour were approved by the County building inspector, Cotton Redimix poured the flor as a donation to the project.
Now, the floor is curing, so that it can support the heavy construction equipment needed to put up the trusses and roof structure.
Morris James, who is leading this part of the project, will need our help and that of volunteers next week to continue construction. We will advise of dates and times as well as skills needed via this part of our website, email and our Facebook pages. President-Elect Cheri Van Hoover also suggested that the workers could use snacks, water, drinks and other support as well, so there should be more than enough opportunities for everyone to contribute to their abilities. Morris also noted that once construction is complete, the site will need to be cleaned up and landscaped prior to the project's turnover to Chimacum High School.              
We're funding the project with Club funds, a matching grant from our Rotary District, and a great deal of donated materials and labor from a wide pool of people.  Individual donations to the project through the Club are always welcomed - and are, of course, tax deductible. 
Construction progress is being documented as it occurs on the Club's external Facebook page and Flickr page. 
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We should all be proud of what our members and volunteers have contributed to Chimacum Schools and the Rotary educational support Area of Focus over the years. This great project is the latest iteration! 


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