Posted by Pete Leenhouts on Nov 09, 2019
This post is intended to give you a brief overview of one of the important continuing committee activities in our club, the Flag Project.

The Flag Committee, led by Ed Davis, raises funds to help support the Club’s local programs. All funds raised through the Flag project (less a small amount for flag maintenance) go to local projects, primarily our scholarship program.    


The program has been quite successful. Club members put up nearly 300 flags across east Jefferson County five times each year.


Basically, county residents subscribe to one or more flags on an annual basis. The flags can be posted in front of their residence or in a location of their choice. A single subscription results in a US flag being posted five times each year in a designated location. The five dates the Club puts up US flags are Presidents Day in February, Memorial Day in May, Independence Day on the 4th of July, Labor Day in late August or early September, and Veterans Day in November.        


Ed Davis is the Flag Committee Chair. Ned Luce schedules the volunteers and teams in Port Ludlow while Ed schedules volunteers and teams elsewhere to assemble, put up and take down the flags.


Volunteers are usually called for 5-10 days in advance of putting up the flags, so that they can be scheduled. Volunteers can be Rotarians, family members, community volunteers, Chimacum High School (CHS) Interact students or CHS students needing community service hours. Our Club has enjoyed working with volunteers as young as 9 years old and as old as 92!  


Volunteers are always needed to help put up and take down the flags, and to drive a pickup truck or four-runner to pick up and return the flags to and from storage. It is about a two-hour evolution for each team to put up or take down the flags assigned to them. It is about a thirty minute evolution to assemble the flags, and another hour to put them away. Volunteers can help with any one or more of the tasks as their time permits.


Broadly speaking, team members work in the same general areas, so that it is easy for the team to find the ground sockets for the flags. While some of the flags are concentrated in specific areas, it is  not unusual for flags to be scattered throughout neighborhoods in front of residences or places of business.


After putting up the flags in one location, the teams often gather for a social hour.   

You can help by explaining the program to your neighbors and putting Ed Davis or Ned Luce in touch with those who might want a flag subscription. And, of course, the Committee can use all the volunteer help it can get when assembling, placing and storing flags.  Rain or shine, we put up and take down the flags!


The Flag Committee, supported by the Club, manages one of our most successful programs. It is well-supported and always generates lots of positive comment from our local communities. The committee is always looking for volunteers to lend a hand across the county, from Port Townsend to Quilcine. Come out and volunteer with us as your schedule permits, and enjoy the activities and conviviality! Please give Ed Davis a call should you have questions.



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