Rotary Action Groups are international groups of Rotarians, family members, program participants, and alumni who are experts in a particular field or passionate about topics that fall within the seven Rotary Areas of Focus.  Addiction prevention, blood donation, basic education and literacy, and environmental sustainability are a few of the many groups.  

Rotary Action Groups (RAGs) give members opportunities to engage in service activities and network with like-minded members and experts around the world.

Group members collaborate with clubs and districts on service projects by offering their technical expertise or helping them find partners, funding, and other resources. RAGs can also help clubs prepare grant applications, conduct community assessments, raise funds, and establish monitoring and evaluation plans.

Read about the many service and support activities engaged in by Rotary Action Groups in the Rotary Action Groups annual report, here: rotarian_action_groups_annual_report_en (2).pdf

Join a Rotary Action Group to share your expertise and make a difference in projects beyond your club or district. To get involved, check the Rotary group directory and contact the one in which you're interested.

You’ll find a lot more information about Rotary Action Groups here, including a list broken down by Rotary Cause and Area of Focus.