More than one-third of the global population lacks basic sanitation. About 10 percent of people 

worldwide do not have clean water. Rotary and USAID share a commitment to providing clean water, 

sanitation, and hygiene through sustainable projects that are built on local needs. 



The unique partnership pairs the technical expertise of USAID professionals with Rotary members 

who are leaders in their communities, and who build the capacity of local governments and residents to 

plan and implement solutions. The partnership has committed $18 million through 2025 and

has improved the lives of an estimated 450,000 people since 2007. 

Learn more about the partnership and how it’s making a difference in countries like the Dominican 

Republic, Ghana, the Philippines, and Uganda.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene is one of Rotary's seven Causes, or Areas of Focus. Learn more, here: Our

Causes | Rotary International