Have you ever wondered what the term “Annual Fund/SHARE” means, or what a Rotarian is talking about when they mention “E-RAY”? 

   Annual Fund-SHARE is the primary source of funding for Rotary grants, as well as a broad range of local and international Rotary Foundation activities. Rotarians know that our Foundation is supported not by club dues, but by voluntary donations from individual Rotarians and friends of The Rotary Foundation. 

   Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY), which is usually referred to by its nickname - “E-RAY” - is the fundraising initiative designed to encourage our support for our Foundation’s Annual Fund. EREY aims to engage every Rotary club member by: 

> Encouraging every member to contribute to the Annual Fund every year;  

> Encouraging every member to participate in a Foundation grant or program every year.  

   Through the SHARE system, contributions to The Rotary Foundation are transformed into project grants and programs.   

   At the end of every Rotary year, individual member contributions to the Annual Fund-SHARE from all Rotary clubs in our district are directed into two funds: 

   Fifty percent is credited to the World Fund. The Foundation uses the World Fund portion to pay for the worldwide grant and program opportunities available to all Rotary districts. 

   Fifty percent is credited to the District Designated Fund. District 5020 uses the District Designated Fund portion to fund the Foundation grants and programs of its choice. 

   Contributions to the Annual Fund-SHARE provide District Designated Funds for the future. 

   The Rotary Foundation’s funding cycle makes district contributions available for use three years after they are received. The three-year cycle gives the District time to plan projects and activities and allows the Foundation to invest the contributions. 

   The District 5020 Rotary Foundation committee decides how to use the District Designated Funds in consultation with the clubs in the district. Essentially, Clubs develop a grant proposal and apply for the funding through our District. If approved, the Club provides half of the grant funding and the District provides the other half, using the District Designated Funds. We develop grants in one year and execute them during the following Rotary Year. This means we develop a grant from July - January, apply for approval in February, and begin grant execution in July.

Past District Community Grants have included building the Horticulture Pavilion at Chimacum High School, supporting programs to help military veterans adjust more efficiently to civilian life, helping the Jefferson Teen Center upgrade their capabilities, building the Rotary Pavilion in H.J. Carroll County Park, and helping to build the elementary school playground.   

The District may also use those funds to help us raise the funds for Global Grants, in which we partner with a non-US club and which are usually quite a bit more complicated. We're currently developing a global grant to provide composting toilets in the African country of Togo. Past Global Grants have included building pit toilets in the Ecuadorian Andes mountains, supporting schools in Africa, helping to build a dental clinic in Kenya, and building a water treatment facility for a children's school in remote northern Thailand.    

   Districts may use up to 50 percent of their fund (which might also include spendable earnings from gifts to Endowment Fund-SHARE) for a district block grant; the remainder may be used for global grants or be donated to PolioPlus, Rotary Peace Centers, Endowment Fund Major Gifts Initiatives, or another district. 

   District Designated Funds empower our district to undertake the projects that are most important to Rotarians in our district. 

   On an annual basis, the President-Elect works with Club members and committees to set goals and objectives for the upcoming Rotary Year, one of which is the Club’s Annual Fund goal. The Foundation Committee tracks individual member contributions during the year and keeps Club leaders and members informed of our progress.  

   In addition to SHARE, donors may direct their Annual Fund contributions directly to the World Fund or to one of the Foundation’s seven areas of focus. Annual Fund contributions directed to the World Fund or an area of focus are credited toward a club’s annual giving goal and per capita giving calculations, but they do not factor into the District Designated Fund calculation (translated, this means we don’t get back a share of that money in the form of grants).  

   Remember - Rotarians individually and voluntarily support the Annual Fund. We don't use Club dues for this purpose. Our goal is always to invite every Club member to contribute at least $120 annually (or what that member can afford), and to provide ample opportunities for all members to be involved in at least one Foundation program on a continuing basis. 

   The Rotary programs in which we are routinely involved include Rotary Scholarships (which are different from the Club Scholarship program), Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotary Youth Exchange, Grants (District Community Grants, Global Grants, and the Covid-19 grants), and the Rotary Alumni program. Other Foundation programs include Rotary Community Corps, New Generations Service Exchanges, several additional grant programs (Programs of Scale Grants, and Disaster Relief grants, specifically), and Vocational Training Teams.       

   Questions? John Erickson (Foundation) or Pete Leenhouts (Service Projects) can address them and provide answers!