Rotary International currently has a number of partner organizations. Service partners support club activities and offer opportunities for collaboration on local Rotary projects. 

One of these service partners is the U.S. Peace Corps, which enables volunteers to immerse themselves in other cultures and work side by side with local leaders to tackle their host communities' most pressing challenges. 


Clubs and Districts partner with Peace Corps volunteers on projects that empower communities to make lasting change in more than 60 countries, and work with nongovernmental organizations, host-country governments, and local community members to address local needs. 

Rotary clubs can work with Peace Corps volunteers to identify a project's prospective beneficiaries, assess communities, and involve community members in projects. When Peace Corps volunteers return to the United States, they are often available to give presentations at Rotary club meetings and to seek out and find clubs interested in partnering on international projects.

Learn more here. For even more information and links,  and to learn about Rotary’s other partners, see Rotary’s Partnership webpage.