Our major construction project so far this Rotary Year is the building of an outdoor pavilion at Chimacum High School in the garden area to support the school's vocational horticulture program. The garden is just behind the tennis courts off West Valley Road, and the pavilion construction project can be easily seen from the path along the west side of the school, immediately next to the school's greenhouse.  Paul Wynkoop, our club President this year, is leading the effort. 
This article gives you a quick summary of the project and the help needed to complete it. 
We're funding the project with Club funds, a matching grant from  our Rotary District, and a great deal of donated materials and labor from a wide pool of people.  Individual donations to the project through the Club are always welcomed - and are, of course, tax deductible. 
Because it is a construction project that will result in a new structure, approval had to be sought from Jefferson County and, of course, Chimacum Schools before construction could begin. The site had to be mapped and interferences located, and so forth. Chimacum Schools, and, in particular, the High School principal and horticulture teachers have been especially supportive. 
Dirt began to be moved in early August when the site was leveled and graded. Then, pit sites for the eight posts had to be located and measured, and the pits themselves dug deep in the stony soil with a tractor-mounted auger, work donated to the Club for the project. The posts were placed in the pits on small concrete blocks, plumbed vertically, and batter boards installed to hold everything square.  Then, rebar was wired around each, and the site cleaned up and made ready for the next step, which is pouring concrete in each of the pits.
The concrete pour is scheduled for noon Tuesday, August 27th. Some Club labor to ensure the posts remain plumbed correctly during the pour may be required, and we could certainly use photographers to record the activity for both Club and School.
Because much of the labor has been donated thus far, the activity schedule has been a bit wonky as it has been difficult to predict exactly when things will happen. But, once the concrete has firmed up (which will only take a couple of days) , it should be easier to schedule pavilion construction, which will involve setting up the horizontal timbers to hold up the roof, building the roof, and covering it as well as a myriad of other tasks such as cleaning up the site, removing loose stones, and so forth. President Paul will schedule an opening ceremony when it's complete. 
Construction progress is being documented as it occurs on the Club's external Facebook page and Flickr page, as well as keeping the Club informed as to when the next steps will be taken. We'll provide occasional updates via ClubRunner and here on the website as well.
 - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Rotary-Club-of-East-Jefferson-County-WA-181380201927848/
 - Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/old_salt7/albums/72157646553232918
Please let President Paul Wynkoop know however and whenever you can help support the project. He needs not only people who can help with the labor, but people who can help to document construction, write articles and Facebook posts, take pictures - just about anything you can think of.
We should all be proud of what our Club's hard work and enthusiasm has contributed to Chimacum Schools and the Rotary educational support Area of Focus over the years. This great project is the latest iteration! 


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