Posted by By Maureen Fritz-Roberts on Sep 03, 2019

Knowledge is power, in Rotary and in the world.  Every Rotarian has the ability and opportunity to share knowledge.  That knowledge can be as simple as sharing the accomplishments of your committee with the rest of the club. That knowledge may be as important as making your club and foundation finances as transparent and accessible as possible.   In our modern world, none of that knowledge can be shared without a literate audience.

Rotary International has designated September as Basic Education and Literacy month but, really, learning is a lifelong ongoing activity.  It energizes us to gain knowledge and to share it.  

Basic education and literacy also save lives.  Understanding warnings, directions and calculations all require a rudimentary ability to interpret words and numbers.

Rotarians are dedicated to creating a literate world.  That is obvious from the countless projects being undertaken by Rotary Clubs in our district. 

  • You give children the confidence to enter a classroom, because you have donated the backpacks full of the supplies they need.  

  • You provide a breakfast or lunch program, so the children have a level of nutrition that increases their ability to concentrate and learn.  

  • You help create an updated learning environment by supplying computers to teachers and students.

  • You provide scholarships, not only for secondary education, but for trades training and kindergarten

  • You offer training for teachers in developing countries.

One Rotary club offers a summer enrichment program to students in an area without resources, so those students can be active, engaged and prepared for back to school.  

There will be a child who remembers the summer of 2019 as being the best ever; the summer that prepared him or her for a lifetime of learning.

You are changing lives in your communities one small step at a time.  

Interactors are involved as well.  One Interact student traveled to the Honduras with her Rotary club and encountered a school that didn’t have a single book.  When she returned home, she created a painting of a student reading and cut it into a puzzle shape.  She then proceeded to sell each piece of the puzzle until she had enough to pay for a library.  Her efforts and the help of her Interact solved a problem she would never have known about without Rotary.

Don’t stop!


Keep students talking about the incredible Rotary Scholarships available to them.


Continue to sit with students while they read to you.  Encourage them.


Be the people of action that change lives in your community and around the world.




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