The Presidential Citation is an important annual goal for our Club. Not only does it help organize and better direct our support of Rotary International, it enables us to measure that support against a clear set of criteria established each Rotary Year by the RI President. This year, we seek the Citation with Platinum Distinction.

The Presidential Citation is worth pursuing because it helps to align our Club with the goals and objectives of Rotary International. The Citation serves as a good organizing principle for any club. Additionally, it provides a way for Club leadership to measure our Club against the standards set by RI leadership.     

The Citation measures Club achievements in three areas during the Rotary Year from July 1st through the following June 30th. The three areas correspond directly to RI’s strategic goals, and are:

  • Support and Strengthen Clubs

  • Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service

  • Enhance Rotary’s Public Image and Awareness  

RI President John Germ (2016-2017) perhaps put it best when he wrote “Of the many lessons polio eradication has taught us, one of the most important is also one of the simplest: that if we want to bring all of Rotary forward, we’ve all got to be moving in the same direction. Continuity of leadership, at the club, district, and RI level, is the only way we will flourish, and achieve our full potential. It is not enough simply to bring in new members and form new clubs: our goal is not more Rotarians, but more Rotarians who can achieve more good Rotary work, and will become the Rotary leaders of tomorrow.

Near the end of his life, reflecting on the path that brought him to Rotary, Paul Harris wrote: “Individual effort may be turned to individual needs, but combined effort should be dedicated to the service of mankind. The power of combined effort knows no limitation.” He could hardly have imagined then that one day, more than 1.2 million Rotarians would be combining their efforts, and, through our Rotary Foundation, their resources, to serve humanity together. And we can only imagine what great deeds Paul Harris would have expected of such a Rotary! It is our responsibility to achieve those deeds; as it is our privilege to carry forth the tradition…

Each year, the incoming Rotary International President establishes their goals for us as Rotarians which are published to all clubs around the world. Shortly thereafter, our Club’s President-elect, with the support of Club Committees and Members, establishes the goals they want to achieve during their Rotary Year as President. Committee Chairs and Members work together to achieve them, keeping the  President-Elect Nominee informed.

While some RI goals within each of the three areas are “stretch goals”, the dynamism and involvement of our Club in the range of Rotary activities in which we engage clearly enables us to seek the Rotary International Presidential Citation on an annual basis.  

We earned Presidential Citations in 2013-14, 2015-2016, and 2017-2018. We are very close to qualifying for this Rotary Year as well. President Caleb Summerfelt is responsible for this effort, and works with Club Committee Chairs and everyone in the Club to ensure we meet the criteria, found here: . You can find more information here:

For questions, please talk to Public Image Chair Pete Leenhouts or Club President Caleb Summerfelt.  



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