The new Rotary Strategic Plan, like all such plans, begins with a vision statement, provides clear direction through a series of priorities, and provides a set of objectives for each priority.  The Strategic Plan is effective through 2024.

To summarize the Strategic Plan,  

> The Rotary Vision Statement: Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in our communities and ourselves. 

> The Priorities

  1. Impact. People of Action are effective problem-solvers. 

  2. Reach. People of Action activate and inspire one another.  

  3. Engagement. People of Action strive to understand the needs of others. 

  4. Adapt.   People of Action are inventive, entrepreneurial and resilient

> Objectives: Each of the four priorities has a series of three to four objectives assigned to it.  While they are fairly simple and provide clear direction, longer-term members of Rotary will see a number of changes.  We’ll address them in future posts. Find them here: file:///C:/Users/user/Desktop/strategic_plan_en.pdf

> Core Values: The Strategic Plan states our Core Values as fellowship, integrity, diversity, service and leadership.  


The Club’s Long Range Plan, in draft, was developed under the leadership of Immediate Past President Terry Umbreit, and the Leadership Committee. It has not yet been adopted by the Board of Directors, and will have to be modified to meet the direction expressed in the Rotary International Strategic Plan.


Rotary International (RI) has written, by way of explanation, that “Our new strategic plan is different from our past plans. This will be our Action Plan—our organization’s call to action to work together to build a stronger future. This plan will help us realize what’s truly possible when People of Action unite, connect with others who share our values, and commit to creating change in the world and within ourselves. What does this mean for you? Each club should have the same priorities as the Action Plan. What can you do to help reach these goals? Take into consideration the priorities and ideas in this plan. How can you make your club and the experiences of its members the best it can be?

After considering how your club can have the most impact, use the strategic planning guide as your toolkit. Use the priorities and tips to develop your own plan of action, align with our priorities and support our shared goals. Tailor your plan so that it is the most effective for your club and engages your members and the members of your community. We will be audacious and innovative in how we implement Rotary’s Action Plan and we encourage you to be the same.

The new plan is being rolled out throughout the 2019–2020 Rotary year. We are committed to full transparency in sharing information about how the new plan’s components may or may not affect clubs and how they will be asked to support the strategic priorities. Take a look at the main page to learn more about the overall Action Plan and how you can help. In the coming months, you will receive information on additional initiatives being undertaken to achieve the objectives in the plan and how clubs and districts can get involved.

We want to make sure that all clubs and districts know that this new plan was shaped by the input of Rotary members, and that it lays the foundation for new and exciting opportunities for the organization. Read through the Action Plan on the main page, and think about how you can help Rotary achieve its goals. Encourage your clubs and districts to talk about and share the new plan. Help Rotary members begin to see for themselves how they can be a part of this team effort.”

You will find additional “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) and background here, both of which are worth perusing.