Update from Citizens for Safe Students
As the school year is winding down, we are picking up steam. 
Last summer, we agreed to “sell by donation three-day emergency kits. Each kit sold would fund one for a Chimacum School. Our sales started late last summer. This spring we were able to deliver enough kits for the entire Chimacum Primary School, where our youngest students are. They have already used the flashlights to navigate within the school during a recent power outage.
The Port Townsend Leader wrote a wonderful article on it which appeared recently and celebrated this with our community. From that, we were invited to make the kits available at emergency preparedness training held at the South Bay Club. There was a rush on the kits before the training started.
Following that came an invitation from South Bay to make the kits available AGAIN for those who may have missed the training and were interested. Combined with the SBCA notice to all,  NEXT Door announced their availability. We are still receiving requests as this update is written. We are closing in on having enough kits for the entire Chimacum Elementary School. Our plan is to deliver those kits at the start of the new school year. 
The kits are perfect for cars. Some folks are stocking one or more cars with a kit or two. Afterall, our cars are not far from us when we live in Port Ludlow. We are an active community. Several people are buying them for parents or children. We have folks who have made donations so that two kits can go straight to the schools. Each kit has a five year shelf-life. They are well packaged. 
If you have an interest in preparing your family, or helping us stock the schools, please contact Z Jack Randall…. We believe we can sell enough kits to stock both the Quilcene and Chimacum schools. It feels good to provide a measure of protection for our students and schools if a prolonged disruption occurs while our students are in school. 
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