June---seems such an appropriate time to pause and reflect upon this past Rotary year as we celebrate our successes, install our new Rotary boards, and anticipate the potential of our incoming theme:   Rotary Connects the World!

In the fabric of a Rotary year we weave many memorable stories that remind us of projects completed, meetings held, and moments shared.  


As many of us know Siegel and Gale drew attention to many reasons Rotarians join the family of Rotary, yet it is the sense of fellowship and camaraderie that emerges as a primary reason Rotarians remain in Rotary. Take a moment to consider how your experience has been enriched by and with people you have met as a result of this past Rotary. Sometimes it is a stranger who self introduces when seeing your Rotary pin, sometimes it is getting to know another club member as you work side by side, or sometimes it is sitting in a District Assembly classroom learning more about the leadership role you are about to take on.


Whether a casual conversation before a regular meeting, a club social that brings together family and friends, or a warm sense of welcome while connecting with a club member…. our Rotary friendships are forged and strengthened.   We are enriched our experiences and the people with whom they are shared.   It is these connections that inspire us and often motivate us to contribute time, energy, and resources to making this the world we hope it can be.


The artwork that begins this June Bulletin was given to our guest speakers at this year’s District Conference, painted by Nanaimo North Rotarian, Derek Rickwood. It is titled ‘We Are All One’ …. depicting our District 5020 Rotary Youth Exchange students coming together as ‘one’ through the passports that united them during their youth exchange experience.   Powerful. Just think of the fellowship they have shared this year… returning in a few short weeks to their home countries.  (See the artwork here: https://rotary5020.org/Stories/governors-message-june-2019 )


As Rotarians, we too are united member to member, and club to club. Fellowship---perhaps the greatest gift we are given in return for our ‘service above self’. Thank you Rotary for creating so many moments….. memories that will stay strong for years to come!


DG Craig


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