Posted by Pete Leenhouts on Jan 06, 2019
What Do Rotarians Do? We effect positive change in our communities through District Community Grants. 

As Rotary Club members, we take action to contribute our skills, expertise, and financial support to address six causes - promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water and sanitation, saving mothers and children, supporting education, and growing local economies. We accomplish a great deal of this work through Rotary grants, which are used to fund local projects here in our communities and global projects around the world.


To effect local change, Rotary Clubs use local grants, funded by Club members or through money raised by our fundraising projects. A Club may also qualify for and use a District Community Grant, half of which is funded by a Club, and half of which is funded by the Rotary District to which the club belongs. District Community Grants are matching grants, in that the Club’s money is matched by the District’s money, up to $7,000 in one year. Each Club is allowed one such grant per year.


The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County has used many such District Community Grants over past years - for example, to help to build the Rotary Pavilion in H.J. Carroll County Park, to build the Bookmobile Bus Barn at the Jefferson County Library in Port Hadlock, to contribute to the construction of the playground at the Chimacum Elementary School, to support our high school scholarship program and, currently, to support improvements in facilities and mentoring at the Jefferson Teen Center on the campus of Chimacum High School.


Club members plan District Community Grants two years in advance in order to work with as many community organizations as possible within the constraints of the grant, and to make the most positive change possible in the lives of those in our communities.  Each grant is carefully developed before it is funded by the Club and by our District, Rotary District 5020 (which stretches from the north tip of Vancouver Island BC almost to the Columbia River, on the west side of the Salish Sea). We also seek to involve as many Rotarians and their expertise in the development and execution of the grant. With rare exceptions, we are allowed to use these matching funds only for one grant at a time, and cannot repeat a grant year after year. (These restrictions do not apply to our Local Grants program).


Globally, Rotary International approves about 500 such grants each year, and spends about 25 million dollars to support them.


For more information about District Community Grants, talk to the Club’s Foundation Chairperson, Pete Leenhouts.



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