April 23, 2015: These roses are 4 weeks old. Six of these arrangements are cared for by Sarah Miskimins at the Tri-Area Community Center for the Senior meals. 
Four times a week (for each of these 4 weeks) Sarah brings out the roses from the refrigerator and places them on the tables for about 2 hours. During these 4 weeks, she has dissolved the packet of fresh flower food, changed the water twice, cut the ends off 5 times and added one teaspoon of Clorox bleach. (4w x 4d x 2h=32h exposed)
June 4, 2015: On the 6th week, there were only 3 vases full of roses left and they looked this good. We started placing them on the Rotary club luncheon tables so they will now be out of the refrigerator for 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time. ( 32h + (2w x 5d x 2h = 20h) = 52h exposed)
June 11, 2015: On the 7th week, there were only 2 vases full of roses left and they looked almost this good.  ( 52h + (1w x 5d x 2h = 10h) = 62h exposed)  
June 18, 2015: No more roses.