LifeWork Planning

This web page and links on the left sidebar describe a Vocational Service project developed by Pete Hubbard that he calls LifeWork Planning. "LifeWork" is work that gives you joy. LifeWork is based upon and derives from your passions and interests.  Pete has developed a very simple Google Sheet template that you can copy then list your passions and interests, score and prioritize them, then use your key passions/interests to search a federally maintained database to find occupations (out of 930) that appeal to you.


Pete suggests that this LifeWork Planning sheet is a life-long tool to be used before, during and after transitions occur. One should periodically update the sheet when their interests change.


Pete was invited to teach his LifeWork Planning lesson at Chimacum High School from September 2017 to June 2018 as part of the freshman Portfolio Development class. One student permitted Pete to use their LifeWork Planning Interests sheet as an example. The sheet is wide so you will need to use the left-right scroll bar at the bottom of the sheet. (This sheet was an earlier version of the current template.)


It is fairly simple to complete the sheet’s columns A-L. You list interests in column A. You score and sort your interests in columns C-L. Your sort column L high to low to find your most important interests. The most important interest - in this student’s sheet - is “Learning about solving crimes”. You COPY that interest and PASTE it into the search box of this O*NET Database web page to find an occupation of interest. Then you COPY/PASTE the occupation title and link - Criminal Investigators and Special Agents - into column M so you can quickly return to the occupation for further study. Then you complete columns N-W to highlight key aspects of the occupation that appeal to you. Then you repeat the process for a few more key interests.


 Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being." The word "ikigai" is usually used to indicate the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile. Ikigai - Wikipedia

The LifeWork Planning Interests sheet will ask you to score your interests based upon the four outer elements of the Ikigai diagram - as well as a few other elements. Click here to see a larger version of the diagram.








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