Scholarships for high school graduates going on to vocational training or college are a top priority for the Club. The first awards were made 1985, and since then, hundreds of scholarships have been awarded by the Club.  In fact, well over $100,000 in scholarships have been awarded to eligible students in just the past five years. 

The Club awards scholarships to local students who will be attending accredited schools of higher learning, including vocational schools and colleges.


Scholarship awards provide support within our local community by encouraging and monetarily assisting students in our community to further their educational goals and thereby increase their contributions to society; providing an application process that enriches community understanding of the purpose and goals of our Club and Rotary International; sponsoring students at institutions across the country to be ambassadors from our community and to bring back to the community cultural exchange input, and enriching student interview skills by providing an opportunity for personal interviews during the selection process.


The Club’s scholarships are solicited during the winter and awarded each spring. The awarded scholarships may be either one year or multi-year awards, although in recent years, we have generally awarded one-year scholarships. We define “Local students” as high school students attending Jefferson County high schools, students previously awarded Club scholarships, and eligible home-schooled students.  Eligibility rules for the year's program are usually published in December or January.


This year, the application window closed March 31st; scholarship awards will be announced later this month. 


Should you have questions or comments about the Club’s scholarship program, please address them to Scholarship committee chair at >< .