President Paul Wynkoop, with the assistance of members of the Club, is pursuing the following Club Goals for Rotary Year 2019-2020 (July 1st, 2019 through June 30th, 2020):   

1.      Membership. Increase club membership overall. The current membership stands at 60 members.  Given potential losses for various reasons the membership goal at the end of the 19/20 year should be no less than 65 members and should be a mix of the following attributes:

a.     Add more female members.

b.      Increase the number of members between the age of 21 – 50.

c.       Recruit Rotary alumni.


2.      Financial. Add at least 1 new fundraising event and encourage other ideas from the membership. Specifically, events that are activity based and not based on selling tickets for raffles or auctions. Opportunities for members to be actively seen in the community. For example, the proposed 2019 Bicycle Ride listed below:

a.       Bicycle Ride, the goal is to eventually raise $15,000 + dollars to replace the current net income from Pot-O-Gold.


3.      Grants. Support and encourage continuity in the development of Local, District and Global Grants.

a.       Seek Club member involvement in the District Community Grant to build a Rotary Pavilion at CHS to support the Horticulture Program and complete the project by May 1, 2020.

b.      Support PE Rick Smith’s development of a Global Grant.

c.       Support PE Rick Smith’s development of a District Community Grant.


4.      Foundation/Giving.  Support the Chairperson of the Foundation Committee in attaining the following objectives:

a.       Every Club member achieves Sustaining Member status by donating a minimum of $100 to the Foundation every year.

b.      Achieve $11,500 in individual member donations to the Annual Fund.

c.       Achieve $1,550 in individual donations to the Polio Plus Fund.

d.      Attain 90% Paul Harris Fellows, one additional Major Gift, one Additional Bequest Society member, one additional Benefactor, and one additional Paul Harris Society Member.


5.      Youth. Sustain the focus on youth programs. Ensure we fund these programs each year so they can be sustained year after year. Youth programs are critical to the future of Rotary and a means of adding future club members.

a.       Youth Exchange; continue both inbound and outbound exchange programs.

b.      Interact; continue our already vibrant program led by TJ Plastow at Chimacum HS.

c.       RYLA; ensure that we have students being selected to attend RYLA each year. This is an excellent leadership program for our youth.


6.      Leadership. Encourage and provide more leadership opportunities for members. Committee Chairpersons are the backbone of the club level leadership team, in addition to the elected offices.  We need to distribute these roles more widely and give some of our talented new members and opportunity to grow and provide new ideas and skills to an already strong team.


7.      Public Image. Continue to have a presence on Facebook, local and regional newspapers, radio and other media as opportunities present.


8.      Achievement. Achieve the Presidential Citation.


9.      FUN. Have fun!!!