Posted by Pete Leenhouts on Nov 14, 2018
The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County is supporting the Jefferson Teen Center with a District Community Grant (DCG). The Grant involves Club and District 5020 funding as well as Club Rotarian time and energy over the remainder of this Rotary Year, which ends June 30th, 2019.  Foundation Committee Chair Pete Leenhouts and Rotarian John Barrett are managing the DCG for the Club. You can view the Jefferson Teen Center’s website, here:

The intended beneficiaries of the Grant are the 350 children served by the Jefferson Teen Center annually. These children range from 12-18 years old, though most are of middle school age.


The grant will benefit children attending Chimacum Schools by improving the physical capacity of the Teen Center to support its beneficiaries, by providing expanded mentoring and adult support to these children within the Teen Center mission, and by involving Rotarians in these activities.   


We asked the Jefferson Teen Center Director, Shayann Hoffer, for a list of the materials needed by the Teen Center not covered by the DCG. The Teen Center is an IRS-recognized 501.c.3 non-profit, (tax ID #91-1561993) so they can provide acknowledgement of your donations for tax purposes, if desired. If you do donate materials, please let Pete or John know so they can record the donation as part of the Club’s support of the Jefferson Teen Center.   

The Jefferson Teen Center (JTC) would gratefully accept donations of the following materials to improve support for the kids:   

Art Supplies: such as paint (watercolor, acrylic & tempura), brushes (variety sizes), paper (variety types), wax paper, canvas boards, gesso, oil pastels, chalk pastels, charcoal, drawing pencils, drawing pens, Prisma color markers, and so forth.

Craft Supplies: such as yarn, crochet & knitting needles, tag board, markers, string, scissors, tape, glue sticks, glue, scrapbooking materials, jewelry making supplies, precious gemstones.

Health Wellness items: such as yoga mats, and sport balls, inside nerf hoop and ball set.

Office Space Supplies: such as folders, 20lb white & colored paper reams, cardstock, blank greeting and thank you cards with envelopes, highlighters.

Snack Space Supplies: such as clear Tupperware containers & other organizational items, short countertop shelves for plates, cups & utensils, a newish electric food dehydrator.

Dry Snack Supplies : such as Dixie cups, bowls, napkins, paper towel rolls.

Cleaning Supplies: Eco Friendly daily cleaning supplies such as wet wipes, counter spray, antibacterial dispensers, cleaning rags.

Instruments: such as ukuleles, lap harps,  guitars, mandolins, harmonicas, rattles, violin's, drums, accordions, recorders/flutes, bells, xylophone, and so forth.

Instrument supplies: such as picks, strings, electric tuners/batteries, chord & sheet music, cases, small elect amps, microphones with stands, music stands.

Home Electronics:  One Stereo System with CD, radio, ipod input with Speakers, one Boombox/stereo with CD, radio & ipod input, Karaoke Machine, one VHS/DVD player that will be compatible with a flat screen TV, one Wii machine with controllers and games for dance, yoga and positivity.


New Computers, Laptops, Computer Programs & Printers: please contact Shayann directly at for most current needs

Holiday & Seasonal Project Supplies.

Furniture:     One or Two (possibly matching and 'teen' style) comfortable clean couches, one (matching if possible)comfy lodge chair, matching desks, an activity table for craft projects.


Shelves : Tall & Short Square Cubbies  (black or white), other cubbies for books, instruments & artwork


Sewing Machine & Supplies.




Gift Kit* for teen girls & boys (such as art kits, small tool kits, cosmetic kits, toiletry kits, knitting kits, musical kits, jewelry kits, electronic kits, sculpture kits, crystal growing kits).

Other 'new' Gift Packages*: such as teen styles gloves/mittens, hair binders/clips, nail polish, hats- caps/stocking, socks, slippers, aromatherapy items, wallets, purses, fashion bags, stuffed animals, inspirational quote item like- mugs, pens, pencils, water bottles, posters, 'New' yoga mats & sport balls.

*Gifts kits/packages would be used for 'prizes' that will encourage students to work on a 'Focused Projects' that would be chosen by them, completed, and change seasonally, such as learning how to: knit a scarf, learn an instrument, homework time,  Teen Center leadership projects, and other.

Thanks for your consideration!





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