What a great way to start 2020.  January is dedicated to Vocational Service.  Seriously - that is exciting!


Vocation Service is the premise Rotary was built on. We are skilled, successful individuals, using our skills (and the money we make with those skills) to help make the world a better place.   

When you look around your club you recognize Rotarians who make things happen because of their business.  It could be the Rotarian who has a large truck that hauls all the items for your major fundraisers.  It could be the caterer who makes sure your Rotary event has the best food.  Perhaps your club has even managed to attract an accountant or banking professional to be your club treasurer.  


You also have an incredible opportunity to support your fellow Rotarians.  If you need an electrician, who better than someone who is also a member of your club - a person you see at all your Rotary meetings and events?  Just think about it.  If he or she works that hard for free on your projects, imagine how hard he or she would work if you actually paid for a job.  


The hidden gem is the opportunity to get to know what your club members do for a living.  When we join, we are given a classification.  Lots of clubs have their new members give a classification talk, but not all clubs come back to the existing members to renew that talk.  What if their vocation has changed?  


Here’s an activity to try at a meeting in January.  Ask everyone who joined 8 years (or longer) ago to stand up.  Now ask them to sit down if they are still in the same classification that they had when they joined.  Odds are you will have a few Rotarians still standing. Finding out what people are currently doing is an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with a club member.  


We all like to be asked about the work we do.  It is something we are proud of.  People change their career paths more often now and that trend will continue to grow.  There are new careers and educational paths we may not even be familiar with. Ask those long time Rotarians about their vocation.  It might be an education.


Is that Rotarian retired?  What did they do before retirement?  It’s another opportunity to learn about a club member.  Vocational Service month just keeps on getting better and better.  


When you joined Rotary was it the diversity of people in a club that drew you in?  Or was it the type of people in the club.  Rotarians have a reputation of high ethical standards in their vocations.  You can trust them.  


It is time to stand on the roof of your building and shout out about the high ethical standards that Rotarians live by.  Those high ethical standards are attractive to potential young members.  At a time when there is so much cynicism, the ethical values of Rotarians are proof the world can be a better place. Young people are searching for organizations that value truth and stand for something worthwhile.  


We prefer to be with people we can trust.  That is Rotary.


Vocational Service is a perfect theme to start the year. Just consider the following definition:   A vocation encompasses more than the work you are paid for; it taps into your whole life purpose. When you’ve found your calling, you know it- your life is full of of joy, satisfaction, and true fulfillment.