Four wells are completed, along with health and sanitation training for those communities leaving 19 to go.  Hopefully they will proceed at a regular pace. 

There is a request from World Vision Honduras (WVH) to increase the scope of the project by having Texas Water Missions (TWM) drill larger holes that will accommodate 6” pipe.  (TWM is a not for profit created by the Episcopal diocese of San Antonio, Texas after hurricane Mitch in 1996 to dig wells in Honduras.)

WVH wants to provide distribution to all communities although the original Memo of Understanding called for this only in situations where water flow was adequate and where the communities could afford the electricity for the pumps.   They are asking for 6” pipe and larger more expensive electric pumps.   It was originally anticipated that electrification with distribution would only apply to at most half the communities and four inch pipe with a one hp electric pump would suffice.  It seems that electrification of the communities is universal now and all according to WVH are in a position to afford the juice as well as have appropriate water committees and expertise to maintain the sustainability of the electrical systems.
The upside of this request is huge, but the downside is that it will cost more money – up to $7K per well more.  We are negotiating whether all those  funds are really going to be needed (whether all wells will need the larger pipe/electric pump) and where the funds will come from. 
I believe there is a lot of padding in the WVH budget and large amounts of duplicate funds budgeted for WVH to perform training that in fact TWM is providing.  I am asking them to review their budget and redirect some of those funds.  They have already agreed to pay half the increase on a matching basis.  San Antonio Rotary district has committed to raise $20K.  We will likely be asked to raise additional funds to help cover these costs.



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