These are significant and exciting times to be a member of our Rotary family.
President Holger said, “Rotary is not just a club you join but an invitation to endless opportunities.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunities that we have and continue to present themselves as we live through, and come out of this pandemic. We can take advantage of what we are learning now and reinvent how we do the business of Rotary.
It will take strong leaders to be able to ride this giant wave of change.  What Rotary becomes in 5, 10, even 20 years may well be decided by how we manage Rotary today.
We have been thrust into the electronic world of Zoom meetings in just a few short months.  I’m very thankful we have Zoom.  We would be in a very undesirable place if we didn’t have it.
I believe the future of all weekly Rotary meetings will become hybrid meetings.  Individual members are wanting to get back to regular attendance at Rotary meetings when they safely can, and hybrid meetings will allow others to attend if they are busy or traveling.

As I attend Rotary meetings via Zoom or hybrid, two common needs are arising:  food insecurity among many in our communities is becoming critical, and at-home learning for kids is a challenge because of lack of computers and/or internet service.

Thank you to all the Rotary clubs who are stepping up to help in this difficult time.

Please join us in a very special event to raise awareness or Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio worldwide.  Saturday, Sept. 17 will be a virtual event conceived by Caleb Summerfelt, our District Public Image Chair.  Six outstanding speakers, including past RI President and polio survivor John Germ and RI Director and vice-president Johrita Solari will be on the panel.  The admission cost is simply a $30 donation to YOUR OWN Polio Plus account at The Rotary Foundation.  Please go to to register.  I hope to see you there!
Yours in Rotary,
Greg Horn
5020 Governor 2020-2021