Hi, my name is Pete Hubbard. I joined the East Jefferson County Rotary Club on 5/28/2014.at the invitation of Larry Howland

One of my passions (or Rotary "Classification"s) is "Emergency Preparedness Planner". The day after I joined the club, I gave a presentation (Link) about an overview of the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program. Please review it and share it with your friends and neighbors to help everyone prepare for a disaster like a 9.0 Cascadia subduction zone megathrust earthquake (lasting several minutes).

During the next week or so, I volunteered to become our club’s website administrator. 

 On 6/26/2014 Ned Luce (EJC President 2014-15) asked me to become our Secretary and I accepted and the Board voted me in on 7/10/2014.

My wife Heidi and I worked as programmers for IBM until we retired in the early 1990s. Immediately after moving to Marrowstone Island in 1994, I built our home out of lumber cut from trees on our property. After I “completed” our home, I started a Yahoo-based mailing list for the Island, then a website (www.marrowstone.info ), re-energized the community’s emergency preparedness team and started their website (www.miep.us ) and mailing lists and am now maintaining a new private social network for the Island called Nextdoor.com*.

From 1996-1998, I served as Vice-President, then President of the Marrowstone Island Community Association and have held other board positions over the years. In 2010, my service to the community was recognized with the Marrowstone Island Citizen of the Year award.

With some of my emergency preparedness activities slowing down, I resumed work on my other passion: using the Internet to help people find their career/LifeWork. In October 2017, I was invited by the Chimacum High School Computer Science teacher to teach the Freshman class about career/LifeWork planning. 

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. Email me at hphubbard@gmail.com

* Click on Nextdoor.comto see if you live in a Nextdoor Neighborhood. If so, join it. If not, create and define YOUR free and private Nextdoor neighborhood.

OK, this is my story (for now). What's yours? I think many of us would like to read it. Click here to view some very short and simple information to create (or amend) and submit your Rotary Story to me, and see a growing list of members who have submitted theirs.

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