The Rotary Club of East Jefferson County raises funds to help support our scholarship program. All funds raised through the Flag Program (less a small amount for maintenance) go to that purpose.
You’ll see the flags go up across east Jefferson County on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 to honor President's Day on Monday, February 17th, 2020.
Interested in sponsoring one or more flags? Read on for more information!

Basically, area residents sponsor to one or more flags on an annual basis. The flags can be posted in front of their residence or in a location of their choice. Club members are honored to put up about 275 flags sponsored by area residents across east Jefferson County five times each year. The five dates the club puts up US Flags are Presidents Day in February, Memorial day in May, Independence Day over the 4th of July, Labor Day in late August, and Veterans Day in November. 

A single sponsorship ($50) results in a US Flag being posted five times each year in a location directed by the sponsor. Multiple sponsorships ($40 per flag) results in that number of flags being posted five times each year in the locations desired by the sponsor.
If you’d like to sponsor a U.S. Flag, (or Flags), please email Club Rotarian Ned Luce at his email:  
Thank you to our hundreds of sponsors for your support of this worthwhile program!